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A Selection of Magickal Spells

Please be forewarned, that the Practise of these Rituals should only be performed by the most highly-qualified of Magickal Practitioners. Those who attempt these Spells without the proper Grounding in the Art may experience dire Consequences.

Altar, Consecrating. Dip your Fingers in Holy Water and touch the Altar with the Holy Water. Or use a Bundle of Basil or other Herbs, dipping the Herb in the Holy Water and then touching the Water on the Altar.

Aphrodisiac. Wallow naked in newly harvested Wheat, some of which then bake into Biscuits to be served to the Person you wish to enrapture.

Ass’s Skull. An Ass’s Skull set on a Pole in a Grain Field is a potent Protection against Blight and Evil Eye.

Bee. If a Death occurs in the House to which the Bees belong, they must be formally told of it before the Corpse is carried away, or they will all die before the Year is out. It is considered a Death Portent in a Family if their Bees, in swarming, should settle on a dead Tree.

Bellows. To put a Bellows on a Table is fatal.

Bind a Lover:

1. Take a small Mirror that the Lover has looked into (don’t look into it yourself.)

2. Break it, then put the Pieces into a small Bag.

3. Bless the Bag with Spikenard Tea.

Candle, Dressing: Dress a Candle with Oil before performing a Ritual. It is important that you use a Candle and an Oil that are propitious for achieving the Goal of the Ritual. Whilst Dressing the Candle, keep the Serenity and the Purpose of the Ritual in Mind. It is very, very important that you concentrate upon the Symbolism which the Candle has in the Ritual. The act of Concentration sets in the mind of the Operator the vibratory Influence which the Candle will have during the Ritual. Use colourless Oil for the Anointing.

1. Starting from the Centre of the Candle, rub your Oil on the Candle’s Surface with your right Hand (Left, if Left-handed) upwards to the Candle’s Wick.

2. Continue rubbing the Oil on the Candle’s Surface, from the Centre upwards until the entire Top Half of the Candle is anointed.

3. Then from the Candle's Centre, rub downwards to the Bottom of the Candle.

4. Continue rubbing the Oil from the Centre downwards until the Bottom Half of the Candle's Surface is anointed.

Cattle, Healing:

1. Cut a Bit of Hair from between the Ears, a Bit from behind each Shoulder, and a Bit from the Stump of the Tail.

2. Add a little Blood and a Teaspoonful of Gunpowder, put the whole Thing into a small Bladder, and tie the Top of it.

3. Get some green Ash Wood, and make a Fire, and set it on the Branding Irons.

4. Take the Bladder in your Right Hand, and call for the Spirits to help your Cattle.

5. Drop the Bladder into the Fire and let it burn out.

Cause your Enemy to Leave. Put the Enemy’s Name, nine Times, on a Piece of Paper. Put it in a Jar. Fill with Four Thieves Vinegar and throw it into a River.

Changing Pebbles into Jewels:

1. Whilst the Moon is full, gather white Pebbles.

2. Wash some in Wintergreen, some in Wine, some in Iodine, some in Vinegar, some in Almond Oil, some in Milk.

3. Dry them and keep them in a dark Box lined with Silk, in a thrice-locked Room, until the Earth is covered with Snow.

4. When the Winter Moon rises full, and Venus is in the West, spread them under the Sky through the whole Night.

Cloth. Rub a Piece of Cloth over a diseased Part of the Body and tie the Cloth over a Well. The Rag will absorb the Ailment.

Coffin Spell. Make a miniature Coffin, consecrate it, then send it to the intended Victim. This invokes the Aid of the Dead against the Living.

Control Another:

1. Fill a Bag with:

a) High John the Conqueror Root

b) High John the Conqueror Oil

c) Brown Paper with the Name of the Person to be controlled

2. Tie with a purple Thread.

Controlling the Senses:

1. Inscribe a Circle with red Chalk.

2. Outside the Circle, Place a lighted Candle, a ticking Clock, burning Incense, a Velvet Mantle, and a Goblet of Wine.

3. Inside the Circle place a few Drops of Vinegar and Grains of Salt.

4. Wearing white, blow out the Candle, pick up the Clock, smother the Incense, put on the Mantle, and drink the Wine.

Cork. In order to wound the Heart of an Enemy, pierce a Cork with Pins and drop it into a Well.

Curse a Garden:

1. Make a Paste of Aphid, Snail, Slug, Beetle, Rust, Gall, Mildew and Spittle, mashed in a Mortar and stirred to a Slime, then dried into a Powder.

2. Anoint a Stone with the Powder, and cast it into the Garden.

Curse a Witch:

1. Take Butter from the Household Larder, heat and render it down in an Iron Pan until broiled, then take Ivy or Wintergreen, and fry it with the Butter.

2. Take three Nails from a Coffin and stick them into the Sauce.

3. Carry the Sauce to a Place where neither the Sun nor the Moon can shine on it.

The Witch will be sick, with burned Pockmarks over the Body, for Half a Year.

Discourage Unwanted Attentions:

1. Draw a Circle of Sea Salt on a Linen Cloth, moving your Hand in a Clockwise Direction.

2. In the Centre of the Circle, place a Silver Coin, and on it a red Candle.

3. Place Nails at each of the Cardinal Points.

4. As the Moon crosses the Meridian on the first Night after it is new, write the Name of the One to be discouraged on a Piece of Parchment in red Ink using a Nib Pen.

5. Draw the Symbol of the Sun above it and of the Moon below it, then cross everything out with a single Line.

6. Turn off the Lights and light the Candle with a Wooden Match.

7. Burn the Paper.

8. Take the Ashes and divide them into three Parts.

9. Place them in Envelopes, and mail them at nine-Day Intervals to the one whose Name was burned.

Dispel Slander:

1. Lay a Length of String in melted Wax and hang it up to dry.

2. Dip it in red and black Ink, and let the Drops of Ink drip off, one by one.

Dispel Sorrow:

1. Mould a Clay Tablet.

2. Write on it all that is to be cast away.

3. Break the Tablet and bury it in the Ground.

Disposing of an Enemy:

1. Dig up a Coffin and remove the Nails.

2. Find a Footprint made by your Enemy and drive a Nail into the Footprint.

Dog Bite. Place a Handful of Hairs from the Dog that bit upon the Wound, and light them.

Ease Anger. To ease someone’s Anger:

1. Shut up a Toad in a Wicker Basket.

2. Take this to the Person’s House and set it beneath his Bed, letting it remain there through the Night.

3. In the Morning, carry the Basket to a Crossroads and release the Toad.

Easy Birth. To insure an easy Birth:

1. Gather Stalks of Motherwort which has gone to Seed. Make sure the Stalks have Heads and Leaves.

2. Tie them into five strong Bundles with Cords.

3. Beat them against a Wall until the Seeds fall out.

4. Untie the Stalks and strip them bare.

5. Fold the Leaves into a Velvet Cloth and sew it up with yellow Thread.

6. Place the Bundle into the Woman’s Hand until the Baby is born.

Evil Eye, Protection From:

Amulet of Metal shaped like a Crescent Moon



Ashes from a burned Hangman’s Noose served in a Drink


Beads with Eyes on them

Blue Beads

Bread and Cheese

Crumbs of Bread

Dried Toads

Earthen Vase painted white and placed on the Roof

Fennel Seeds

Fish Bones

Fox’s Tail

Hand Charms

House Keys

Lock with a Shot Bolt


Owl’s Claws

Palm Kernels

Pine Boughs brushed onto a Child’s Face

Quills filled with Saltpetre

Red Ribbons or Rags


Skin from a Hyena’s Forehead

Turf from a Child’s Grave under another Child’s Pillow

Fertility. To insure Fertility, take:

1. A brown or pink Egg.

2. Bury it deep in an Earth-filled Pot.

3. Let the Pot stand in the hot Sun.

4. Sow Grass Seed on its Surface.

5. Water it well.

6. After nine Weeks, gather the Crop, bind it with Thread, and hang it over your Bed.

Fire. To protect a House from Fire:

1. Cage a Salamander in a Willow Cage.

2. Put it in the Hearth of the Place to be protected.

3. Burn four crossed Willow Sticks.

4. Pour Water from a Pitcher on them.

5. When the Fire is out, carry the caged Salamander through every Room, then set it free amongst the Building’s Foundation Stones.


Donkey’s Lung

Fat of unbaptized Babies

Toad’s Venom

Tomb Dust

Frozen Soil. To return Life to frozen Soil:

1. Break the Soil and spade it fine.

2. Gather it in a Pot and take it to soften by the Fire.

3. Sprinkle it with fresh Water.

4. Breathe it in, then return the Soil to where it was dug up.

Future, Divining. To divine the Future, scatter Bread Crumbs in a Magick Circle

Garden Protection. To protect a Garden from pests:

1. In a rusty Iron Vessel, mix:

a) Oil of Camphor

b) Wintergreen

c) Spearmint

d) Clove

e) A Spoonful of Blood

f) A Glass of Wine

2. Pour the Mixture into the Garden.

3. Mark it with a white Flag, on which good Thoughts have been written in red Ink.

Ghost, Summoning

1. Tie twelve Knots into a String, and tie the String into a Circle.

2. Place the String on a Stone and the Stone on the Grave.

3. Knock on the Stone with a Wand of Bone.

Goitre. To cure a Goitre, it must be touched by the Hand of a Corpse of the opposite Sex.

Good Cooking. To ensure good Cooking:

1. Tie up a Bundle of:

a) Basil

b) Savoury

c) Mint

d) Dill

2. Drench them in Tap Water.

3. Sprinkle the Kitchen – Lintel and Sill, Shelf and Canister, Table and Stove, Cupboard, Wall, Window and Floor, Crockery, Cutlery, and Napery.

4. Crush the Bouquet in both Hands and breathe its Scent.

5. Make a Tea of the Leaves and drink it.

Good Health:

1. In a Bag, put:

a) A personal Item belonging to the Person wearing the Bag

b) Rosemary

c) Carnation

d) Eucalyptus

e) Gotu Kola

2. Use one white, one red, and one purple Candle and a Bottle of Health Attracting Oil.

Haunting. To free a House from Haunting:

1. At Midnight, set a Table with a Cup and Plate, Wine and Meat.

2. Invite the Ghost to sit and feast.

3. Presently, clear away the Meal, then open the Door and bid the Ghost to leave.

Hernia. Pass a Child afflicted with a congenital Hernia through a split Ash Tree on a Sunday Morning at, or just before, Sunrise. The Opening of the Tree must be in the Direction of East and West, for the Child must be passed through it towards the rising Sun.

Hex or Curse, Ending. Put three Iron Rings or Hoops in a Pail of Water for a Day. Next Day, drink the Water, and the Trouble will end.

Home Protection. Cleansing should be done during the Waning of the Moon, whilst Protection should be done during the Waxing.

1. Create a Bag of red Flannel or Chamois.

2. Into the Bag put:

a) 1 Tablespoon Cinquefoil

b) 1 Tablespoon powdered Bay Leaves

c) 1 large Clove of Garlic

d) A Piece of Mandrake Root

e) A small Piece of Iron

3. Dress a white Candle with Blessing Oil (Candle Number 1).

4. Dress a black Candle with Blessing Oil (Candle Number 2).

5. Dress a white Candle with Protection Oil (Candle Number 3).

6. Light Candle 1 and say a Spell or Prayer.

7. Light Candle 2 and do the same.

8. Light Candle 3 and do the same.

9. Fill the Bag and chant another Prayer.

10. Sew or tie the Bag.

11. Anoint the Bag with Protection Oil and lay it in the Centre of a Triangle formed by the Candles, with #1 at the Top, #3 to the Left, and #2 to the Right.

12. Say another Prayer.

13. Put Circle of Protection Incense in the Altar’s Censer and cense all the Outside Walls of the Home.

14. Say a Prayer.

15. Sprinkle the Bag with Holy Water and say a Prayer.

16. Sprinkle the Bag with Salt and say a Prayer.

17. Pass the Bag through the Flames of the white Candles and the black Candle and say a Prayer.

18. Pass both Sides of the Bag through the Incense Smoke and say a Prayer.

19. Extinguish the Candles in Reverse Order.

20. Hang the Bag over the front Door.

21. Close the Ritual.

Horns. Animal Horns are a Protection against the Evil Eye and an Emblem of Dignity and Honour. This also includes Animal Tusks and Crescents.

Household Spirits. To appease Household Spirits:

1. Pluck five long Straws from a Broom.

2. Light them as Tapers and carry them through the House, censing every Room.

3. Sprinkle the Floor with Tea Leaves, Orris Powder and Salt.

4. Sweep with the Broom.

Ill-wishing/Cursing. Take a Handful of Salt and throw it over the Backs of all your Cattle. Begin at the Head of the Near Side and go to the Tail, and from the Tail to the Head up the Off Side. As you let it out of your Hand, say the Name of the person whom you wish to Curse.

Impotence. Tie three Knots in a String during the Man’s Wedding. This will insure his Impotence.

Increase Love:

1. In a Bag put:

a) A Pair of Lodestones

b) One small Piece of Orris Root

c) 1 Teaspoon Passion Flower

d) 1 Teaspoon Love Drawing Powder

e) 1 Beryl

f) 1 Teaspoon Vervain

g) 1 Teaspoon Lavender

h) 1 personal Item belonging to the Individual.

2. Use one white, one pink, one green Candle, Love Oil, and Enticing Love Incense.

Insanity. To cure Insanity:

1. Make a drink of:

a) Catnip

b) Wormwood

c) Lupine

d) Radish

e) Fennel

f) Cat’s Mint

g) Enchanter’s Nightshade

2. Steep it in a strong Ale.

3. Sing twelve Masses over the Drink and let the Patient drink it.

Invisibility. To become invisible, look at your Reflection in calm Water. Scatter Fern Seeds across the Image until it departs.

Leaking House. To patch a leaking House:

1. Catch the leaky Water in a Cup.

2. Put it to boil with:

a) A dead Fly

b) The Eye of a Potato

c) A long Hair

d) Mustard

e) Sour Milk

f) Flour

2. Stir to a Paste.

3. Plaster the leaky Spot with the Paste and leave it there for an Hour.

Locked Door, Passing Through. Tap the Door three Times. On the third Tap, the Door will open.

Love Charms:

I. For a Woman who desires the Love of a certain Man:

1. Make a small Heart from red Wax containing Hair or other Items from both the Man and the Woman.

2. Put it into a Bag, along with:

a) Love-Drawing Powder

b) A Piece of Orris Root

c) Vervain

d) 1 Teaspoon of Passion Flower

2. Consecrate the items at the Altar and anoint the Bag with Love Oil or Attraction Oil, or a Mixture of Both.

3. Give the Bag to the Woman to wear, pinned inside her Clothing near the left Armpit.

4. Give the Woman a Bottle of the same Oil to sprinkle on her Bag once a Week.

II. A Man wears the Bag around his Neck or pinned inside his Underwear, or in his Pocket to rub with his Hand.

III. Another Love Charm:

1. Catch the first Rain Water of April.

2. Boil it with:

a) Seven Hairs from a Blood Snake

b) Seven Feathers from an Owl

c) Seven Scales from a Snake

d) A Hair and a Nail Paring from the Person desired.

3. Cook for seven Minutes, cool, and sprinkle on the Object of your Affection.

Magickal Ink:

1. Take a Sumac Branch, including Leaves and Fruit.

2. Boil them in purified Rain Water.

3. Add a Pinch of Iron Dust gathered with a Lodestone.

4. Strain the Liquid.

Make a Man Love You. Mix the Woman’s Menstrual Blood in the Man’s Food.

Mice and Rats. To scare away Mice and Rats, sprinkle Blood on their Path.

Money, Obtain:

1. Fill a Bag with:

a) A Coin

b) A Pair of Lodestones

c) One Buckeye

d) 1 Teaspoon Cinquefoil

e) 1 Teaspoon Money Drawing Powder

f) 1 Teaspoon Silver Weed

2. Use one white, one yellow, one green Candle, Money Drawing Oil, and Shower of Gold Incense.

Overcome an Enemy:

1. Write the Enemy’s Name three Times on a brown Candle.

2. Place the Candle in a Bowl filled with brown Sugar.

3. Light the Candle and let it burn whilst you sleep.

4. Take what’s left of the Wax and Sugar and throw it in the Enemy’s Yard.

5. Do this nine consecutive Days.

Pig’s Heart. Stick a Pig’s Heart through with Pins and white Thorns, and place it in the Chimney of an Enemy’s House. As the Heart shrivels, so will that of the Target, who will eventually die. Roasting the Heart on the Enemy’s Fire also has the same Effect.

Pins and Needles. Dropping Pins and Needles into a Well will arrest and fix the Affection of a Lover.

Poison Ivy. To cure Poison Ivy blisters:

1. Make a Paste of: (Use one or all of these Items)

a) Jewelweed

b) Touch-Me-Not

c) Orange Balsam

2. Spread the Paste on the Blisters.

3. Cover the Place with more Leaves and bind them in Place.



Black Nightshade



Cherry Leaves and Twigs

Christmas Rose

Corn Cockle

Cow Cockle




False Hellebore







May Apple








Potato Vine and Sprout


Raw Marsh Marigold

Red Nightshade

Rhubarb Leaf


Yew Sprig

Powders: Combine all Ingredients except the Talc in a Mortar, then add the Talc at the End.

Crossing Powder: 1 Ounce powdered Wormwood ½ Ounce powdered Pine Needles ¼ Ounce Graveyard Dirt 1 Tablespoon Guinea Pepper 1 Dram Crossing Oil 4 Ounces Talc

Love Drawing Powder: 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood ¼ Teaspoon Cinnamon 1 Teaspoon Sweet Basil 1 Teaspoon Myrtle ½ Dram Spikenard Oil 1 Dram Red Rose Oil 4 Ounces Talc

Gold Dust Powder/Gambling Powder: 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood 1 Teaspoon dried and powdered Carnation Leaves 1 Teaspoon powdered Cinnamon ½ Dram Frankincense Oil ½ Dram Myrrh Oil 4 Ounces Talc

Money Drawing Powder: 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood ¼ Teaspoon powdered Cinnamon 1 Tablespoon powdered Cinquefoil 1 Teaspoon powdered Yellow Dock ½ Dram Frankincense Oil ¼ Dram Patchouli Oil ¼ Dram Myrrh Oil 4 Ounces Talc

Uncrossing Powder: 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood 1 ¼ Teaspoons powdered Cinquefoil ½ Dram Uncrossing Oil ¼ Dram Frankincense Oil ¼ Dram Myrrh Oil 4 Ounces Talc

Powder of Sympathy. To Make Powder of Sympathy:

1. Take Vitriol, dissolve it in warm Water, using no more than will dissolve it, leaving some of the impurest Part at the Bottom undissolved, then pour it off and filter it, using pure grey Paper put into a Funnel, or by laying a Sheet of grey Paper in a Sieve, and pour the dissolved Vitriol by Degrees, setting the Sieve upon a large Pan to receive the filtered Liquid.

2. When all the Liquid is filtered, boil it in a glazed Earthen Vessel, till you see a thin Scum upon it, then set it in a Cellar to cool, covering it loosely, so that Nothing may fall into it.

3. After two or three Days, pour off the Liquid and you will find at the Bottom and on the Sides large green Crystals.

4. Drain off all the Water from the Crystals, and dry them, then spread them out in a large flat Earthen Dish, and expose them to the hot Sun on the Dog Days, taking them in at Night and setting them out in the Morning, securing them from the Rain.

5. When the Sun has calcined them to Whiteness, beat them to a Powder and set this Powder again in the Sun, stirring it sometimes, and when you see it perfectly white, powder it, and sift it finely, and set it again in the Sun for a Day, and you will have a pure white Powder.

6. Put it in a Glass and stop it close.

7. The next year when the Dog Days come, if you have any of this Powder left, expose it to the Sun, spreading it out to renew its Virtue.

To Cure Wounds with Powder of Sympathy: Take some of the Blood upon a Rag, and put some of the Powder upon the Blood, then keep the Wound clean, with a Linen on it, and wrap the Rag with the Blood and keep it either in your Pocket, or in a Box, and the Wound will be healed. If the Wound is somewhat old and hot and inflamed, put some of the Powder into a Porringer or Basin full of cold Water, and then put Everything into it, and it will presently take away all Pain and Inflammation. To staunch the Blood of a Wound or Bleeding at the Nose, take only some of the Blood on a Rag, and put some Powder upon it; or take a Basin with fresh Water and put some Powder into it, and bathe the Nostrils with it.

Protection During a Flight

1. Before leaving, stand in bright Sunlight.

2. Pass your hand near a Candle’s Flame.

3. Burn a Feather and when it is black, smother the Wick.

4. Gather soft Wax and fill the Cracks under your Fingernails.

Protection from Accidents/Dangers

1. Make a Bag containing:

a) An Item belonging to the Person who will wear the Charm

b) A Piece of Dog Rose

c) Some Heather

d) Some Comfrey

e) Cinquefoil

f) Mullein

g) Sandalwood

h) A small Pair of Lodestones

2. Use Gardenia or Jasmine Oil, one white Candle, one red Candle, and one light blue Candle.

Rain: Bringing Rain

1. Put an Iron Pot on Rocks, and kindle a Fire beneath it.

2. Fill it Halfway with fresh Water, then add:

a) An unknotted Rope

b) A Bar of Soap

c) A Drop of Oil

d) A Pinch of Dirt

e) A Buckthorn Branch

f) A Maple Twig

g) A broken Bag

h) A tattered Piece of Cloth

i) A Spoonful of Salt

j) A Piece of rusty Metal

2. When this comes to a Boil, strike the Vessel’s Side three times with a Hammer which has been passed through the Steam.

3. Sprinkle the Potion on the Grass.

Stopping Rain:

1. After seven Days without Sunlight, stand alone on a Height of barren Stone.

2. Carry an empty Sack and hold it open, letting it billow full with the Wind.

3. Close it up with the Air inside and tie it with Threads of purple, red, green, blue and yellow.

4. Bury it in the Garden.

Reading the Future:

In a Crystal. Whilst Venus is the Morning or Evening Star, catch its Image in a pure Crystal Orb. Study the Globe until the Future is clear.

In Fire:

1. Make a Powder of Leaves of:

a) Crocus

b) Rose

c) Chrysanthemum

2. Cast this Powder into the Fire and read the Future.

3. If two thin blue Hands rise from the Fire, quickly pour Water on the Fire and leave it dark for seven Days.

In Smoke:

1. In an Iron Vessel, burn:

a) Dried Mullein

b) Fresh St. John’s Wort

c) Old Willow

d) Wild Lettuce

e) Dead Apple

f) New Red Cedar

2. Read the Smoke as it rises.


I. Keep away Sorcerers by leaving a Bowl of Water with a Knife in it behind the Door. A Sorcerer entering will be alarmed at seeing his Likeness transfixed by a Knife, and he will flee.

II. If a Person sees his Image reflected in a Mirror in the same Room as a dead Body, he will shortly die himself. Therefore the Mirrors must be covered as long as the Body lies in the House.

Removing Negative Energies from the Home. Take a Handful of blessed Salt and throw it out the front Door, then sprinkle the Walls and Floors with a Tea made from Basil Leaves.

Rituals. All Rituals of a constructive Nature such as Love, Success, Progress, etc. should be done when the Moon is waxing. All Rituals of a destructive Nature, such as ending a Love Affair, causing Discord, stopping a bad Habit, etc., should be done during the waning Phase of the Moon.

Robin. Killing a Robin is bad Luck. He who does the Killing will grow a Lump on his Palm, preventing him from working and throwing.

Safe Journey. To insure a safe Journey:

1. Cover a new Silver Coin with Liquid Quicksilver.

2. Wrap the coin in a clean white Cloth, and tie it up with red Thread.

3. Carry it on the Journey, but never unwrap it.

Safe Return:

1. To insure a safe Return from a Journey, gather, from the Area around where you wish to return:

a) A Stone the size of a Pigeon’s Egg

b) A Spoonful of Ash from the Morning Hearth

c) A Chip of Bark from the tallest Tree

d) A Pinch of Earth

e) A Curl of Dust

f) A Blade of Grass

2. Put them into a small Bag of supple Leather or brown Cloth.

3. Add a Lodestone or small Magnet.

4. Tie the Bag with a Strip of Vine.

5. Wear it around your neck on a Thong during your Journey.

Salt. To determine if a sick Man is about to die, place Salt in his Hand. If it dissolves, he will die.

Seductive, to be

1. Fill a Bag with:

a) A personal Item

b) A red Cloth or Feather

c) 1 Teaspoon Canada Snake Root

d) 1 Teaspoon Damiana

e) 1 Teaspoon Dill Seed.

2. Use one white, one red, one green Candle, Seduction Oil, Enticing Love Incense, and Blessing Oil.

Shadow. An Injury to a Man’s Shadow, such as stabbing, treading on or striking it, is thought to injure his Person in the same Degree. If it is detached from him entirely, he will die.

Stopping Gossip:

1. Fill a Bag with:

a) A Piece of Cloth on which you have drawn in Ink the Image of a Human Face

b) An Item of Hair or Clothing belonging to the Person who will wear the Bag

c) A Piece of John the Conqueror Root

d) 1 Tablespoon Slippery Elm

e) ½ Teaspoon Gag Root

2. Tie or sew with black Thread.

3. Use two white Candles, one red, and Faible Incense.

Storms. To stir up a Storm, stir the Waters of a Pond, Puddle, or a Puddle of Urine with your Finger.

Swallow. Killing a Swallow is bad Luck, as every Swallow contains three Drops of the Devil’s Blood.

Threads or Yarn. A Web of coloured Yarn is tied about the Neck as a Charm against the Evil Eye.

Warding off a Curse:

1. Cut a long Bramble from a tangle of Thorns.

2. Twist it into a Ring.

3. Put the Ring on the Ground.

4. Spit in its Centre.

Warts: Various Methods for curing Warts:

I. Treat Warts with the Water of a Dog and the Blood of a Mouse, mixed together and smeared on the Wart.

II. In a Silver Cup, crush Mullein and House Leek. Stir them with a Sparrow’s Feather. Brush the Juice on the Wart with the Feather. Dry it in Sunlight.

III. Rub the Wart with a Piece of Bacon, cut a Hole in an Ash Tree, put the Bacon in it. The Warts will transfer to the Tree.

IV. Touch each Wart with a Pea. Wrap each Pea in a Piece of Paper which is then buried in moist Ground. The Warts disappear as the Peas decay.

V. Prick each Wart and put three Drops of Blood on an Elder Herb. This is buried like the Peas for the same Purpose.

VI. Take a Dew-Snail and rub it on the Wart, then stick the Snail upon a White Thorn, and as the Snail dries up and goes away, so will the Wart.

VII. Steal a Piece of fresh raw Beef and rub that upon the Wart, then bury it where Nobody sees it, and as the Meat perishes, so will the Wart.

VIII. Lick a Wart first thing in the Morning to cure it.

Weeds. To destroy Weeds in a Garden:

1. Under a waning Moon, break one Leaf from the tallest Weed in the Garden.

2. Crush it with your Teeth, and spit the Fragments onto the Earth.

3. Cut the Stalk off short with a Silver Knife.

4. Spread a Handful of Salt over the Root.

Win the Love of Another

1. Fill a Bag with:

a) A personal Item from both Persons

b) A Heart made from red Wax

c) 1Teaspoon Cubeb Berries

d) 1 small Piece of Orris Root

e) 1 Teaspoon Spikenard

f) 1 Teaspoon Cloves

g) 1 Teaspoon Damiana

h) 1 Teaspoon Juniper Berries

2. Use one white, one red, one green Candle, Love Oil or Seduction Oil, Enticing Live Incense, and Blessing Oil.