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A Glossary of Magickal Terms

Glossary (N Through Z)

Necromancy. A Magickal Art by which Answers can be obtained from the Dead.

Numbers. In general, the Numbers from One to Nine are associated with divine Principles; Ten to Ninety-Nine are associated with intellectual Principles; One Hundred to Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine are connected with psychic and emotional Factors; and One Thousand onwards are connected with the material Interests of Life. Below are a few of the more common Numbers.

1. Unity. It represents the Source of all Creation, is indicative of Divine Being, and is the Symbol of the Supreme Will in Action.

Cabalistic Letter: A

Divine Principles: Over-All Dominion

Intellectual Attribute: Austerity

Emotional Attribute: Selfishness

Material Factor: Bureaucracy

Planetary Association: Mercury

Metal: Quicksilver

Vibratory Colour: Grey

Tarot Signification: The Magician (Will, Dexterity

2. Duality. It represents the Blending of the Masculine and Feminine Principles and is associated with the dual Functions of Spirit and Matter, of the Visible and Invisible Worlds.

Cabalistic Letter: B

Divine Principles: Manifestation in Material Form of Spiritual Conceptions

Intellectual Attribute: Analysing of Thought Processes

Emotional Attribute: Calmness

Material Factor: Ambition

Zodiac Association: Virgo

Stone: Pink Jasper, Hyacinth

Vibratory Colour: Dark Blue Striped with White

Tarot Signification: Isis (Science)

3. The Trinity. It represent Spirit, Soul and Body. It is a very powerful Number, associated at Times with Marriage and Sex, and with the Offspring. Wisdom, Love and Truth are three of its Tenets.

Cabalistic Letter: G

Divine Principle: Forgiveness

Intellectual Attribute: Understanding

Emotional Attribute: Tenderness

Material Factor: Enjoyment or Luxury

Zodiac Association: Libra

Stone: Diamond and Opal

Vibratory Colour: Dark Blue or Ultramarine

Tarot Signification: Isis Unveiled (Marriage or Action)

4. Solidity and Solidarity. Often Associated with the Cross, with the four Seasons of the Year, with the four Suits in Cards. Intellectually it denotes the Realising of Desires and Wishes as the Result of Affirmation, plus emotional Intensity and Ardour.

Cabalistic Number: D

Divine Principle: Wisdom

Intellectual Attribute: Absorption of Knowledge

Emotional Attribute: Pride

Material Factor: Continuity of Effort

Zodiac Association: Scorpio

Stone: Carbuncle and Turquoise

Vibratory Colour: Yellow Tinged with Red

Tarot Signification: Sovereign (Realisation)

5. Man. It is connected with the Pentagram or five-pointed Star, which in itself is the Symbol of Man with his Arms outstretched and his Feet firmly planted upon the Earth, with his Head and Eyes looking upward to Heaven.

Cabalistic Letter: E

Divine Principle: Reflection

Intellectual Attribute: Reverie

Emotional Attribute: Repose

Material Factor: Idleness

Planetary Association: Jupiter

Metal: Tin

Vibratory Colour: Purple

Tarot Signification: Hierophant (Religion or Law)

6. The Dividing Path of Virtue and Vice. It signifies the Strife between Conscience and Passion, the Choice between the two Paths of Good and Evil. It denotes the Antagonism of natural Forces.

Cabalistic Letters: U.V.W.

Divine Principle: Intuition

Intellectual Attribute: Aspiration

Emotional Attribute: Self-indulgence

Material Factor: Independence

Planetary Association: Venus

Metal: Copper

Vibratory Colour: Blue

Tarot Signification: The Two Paths (Temptation)

7. The Mystic Number. Greatly used in certain Magickal Ceremonies and Rituals. It shows the Domination of both the Seen and the Unseen by the Power of the Will and in the Magickal World the Controlling of the four Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water by the Soul or astral Counterpart of Man.

Cabalistic Number: Z

Divine Principle: Triumph of Good or Evil

Intellectual Attribute: Applied Knowledge

Emotional Attribute: Righteous Anger:

Material Factor: Conquest

Zodiac Association: Sagittarius

Stone: Jasper and Malachite

Vibratory Colour: Crimson or Blood Red

Tarot Signification: The Conqueror (Victory)

8. Justice and Equilibrium. It is associated with both the Destruction and Reconstruction of natural Things. It shows Life in its Fullness and is connected with the Moment of Death.

Cabalistic Letter: H

Divine Principle: Justice

Intellectual Attribute: Calculation

Emotional Attribute: Equilibrium

Material Factor: Balance Between Greed and Improvidence

Zodiac Association: Capricorn

Stone: White Onyx and Moonstone

Vibratory Colour: Dark Brown Streaked with White

Tarot Signification: The Balance (Justice and Equilibrium)

9. Experience. It portrays Knowledge of the Past, Present and Future, and is often called the Number of the "Hidden Light." It symbolises both Science and the Magickal Art in Combination.

Cabalistic Letter: Th

Divine Principle: Prudence

Intellectual Attribute: Analysis

Emotional Attribute: Fear

Material Factor: Caution

Zodiac Association: Aquarius

Stone: Sapphire

Vibratory Colour: Blue with White

Tarot Signification: The Sage (Wisdom or Prudence)

10. Destiny. It shows Changes which can be either good or bad; a sudden Raising to a high Position or equally as suddenly a Loss of Position and a personal Downfall, dependent in many Ways upon the previous Action of the person Concerned.

Cabalistic Letter: I.J.Y.

Divine Principle: Faith

Intellectual Attribute: Learning

Emotional Attribute: Self-confidence

Material Factor: Self-preservation

Zodiac Association: Uranus

Metal: Uranium

Vibratory Colour: Black or Brown with White Check

Tarot Signification: The Wheel (Changes of Fortune)

11. Transformation. It can be from Bad to Good or from Good to Bad according to the personal Inclinations and Actions.

Cabalistic Letter: C.K

Divine Principle: Fortitude

Intellectual Attribute: Continuity

Emotional Attribute: Sympathy

Material Factor: Persistence

Zodiac Association: Neptune

Element: Helium

Vibratory Colour: Mauve

Tarot Signification: the Enchantress (Spiritual Power or Fortitude)

12. The Number of the Philosopher’s Stone, the Number of Transmutation. It is associated with the Process of Turning baser Metals into Gold or transmuting selfish Principles of Character into those of an unselfish Nature.

Cabalistic Letter: L

Divine Principle: Compassion

Intellectual Attribute: Investigation

Emotional Attribute: Patience

Material Factor: Indifference to the Vicissitudes of Fate

Zodiac Association: Pisces

Stone: White Chrysolite and Moonstone

Vibratory Colour: Dazzling White

Tarot Signification: The Martyr (Sacrifice or Expiation)

13. Resurrection. Associated to some Extent with the condition of Death, but it really shows the Trend and Development of Affairs after Death, rather than of Death itself, which is ruled by the Number Eight.

Cabalistic Letter: M

Divine Principle: Hope

Intellectual Attribute: Inspiration

Emotional Attribute: Devotion

Material Factor: Reconstruction

Zodiac Association: Aries

Stone: Amethyst and Diamond

Vibratory Colour: Red and White

Tarot Signification: The Reaper (Death or Transformation)

14. The Number of the Union of Forces and Ideas and, as it is composed of two Sevens, it helps in the Understanding of Natural Science and of Alchemy. The Elixir of Life is often associated with this Number.

Cabalistic Letter: N

Divine Principle: Toleration

Intellectual Attribute: Moderation

Emotional Attribute: Temperance

Material Factor: Vacillation

Zodiac Association: Taurus

Stone: Moss Agate and Emerald

Vibratory Colour: Greenish Yellow or Russet

Tarot Signification: The Alchemist (Regeneration or Temperance)

15. The Number of Fatality. Connected with all Forms of Mystery, of the Unknown and Unforeseen, and of Black Magick. It is a Number of great Power and very seldom fully understood.

Cabalistic Letter: X

Divine Principle: Predestination

Intellectual Attribute: Eloquence

Emotional Attribute: Sadness

Material Factor: Fatality

Planetary Association: Saturn

Metal: Lead

Vibratory Colour: Black

Tarot Signification: The Black Magician (Fatality, Black Magick)

16. The Number of Accident or Catastrophe, in many Instances brought on by personal Recklessness or a Refusal to look Facts in the Face. Yet it can bestow Courage and enable Progress to be made once there is a proper Controlling of inner Rebellion and Resentment.

Cabalistic Letter: O

Divine Principle: Godly Fear

Intellectual Attribute: Study

Emotional Attribute: Belief

Material Factor: Hard Work

Planetary Association: Mars

Metal: Iron

Vibratory Colour: Red

Tarot Signification: The Lightning Flash (Accident, Catastrophe)

17. A fortunate Number. It gives inner Illumination and is often associated with Divination and Prophecy. It brings a Blending of Reason with Intuition and strengthens the Principles of Truth, Hope and Faith.

Cabalistic Letter: F.P

Divine Principle: Immortality

Intellectual Attribute: Expression of Ideas

Emotional Attribute: Beauty in Form

Material Factor: Artistic Creation

Zodiac Association: Gemini

Stone: Beryl and Aquamarine

Vibratory Colour: Pink

Tarot Signification: The Star (Truth, Hope, Faith)

18. The Number of Deception and of Diabolic Inspiration. It will bring personal Temptations which will be very hard to resist and shows Unhappiness through the Unfaithfulness of Others.

Cabalistic Letter: Ts.Tz

Divine Principle: Universal Understanding

Intellectual Attribute: Mental Reflection

Emotional Attribute: Reaction

Material Factor: Wrong Action

Zodiac Association: Cancer

Stone: Emerald and Black Onyx

Vibratory Colour: Bright Green

Tarot Signification: The Moon (Deception, False Friends, Secret Foes)

19. Associated with personal happiness. It has much to do with the Affections and with Friendships and Associations, and shows that correct Companionship will aid the general Progress in Life.

Cabalistic Letter: Q

Divine Principle: Universal Religion

Intellectual Attribute: Reason

Emotional Attribute: Vanity

Material Factor: Progress Through Effort

Zodiac Association: Leo

Stone: Ruby and Diamond

Vibratory Colour: Fiery Red and Vermilion

Tarot Signification: The Sun (Happiness or Joy)

20. Connected with the Home and the Domestic and Family side of Life. It indicates that a conscientious carrying out of Duties and Responsibilities in these Directions will do much towards creating Security during the latter part of Life.

Cabalistic Letter: R

Divine Principle: Eternal Life

Intellectual Attribute: Study of Philosophy

Emotional Attribute: Impulse

Material Factor: Responsibility

Planetary Association: The Moon

Metal: Silver

Vibratory Colour: Sea Green

Tarot Signification: The Sarcophagus (Awakening or Resurrection)

21. Another very powerful Number, as it comprises three Sevens. It helps to bring Success and Attainment providing that a realistic Effort is put forth and there is a retaining of a proper Sense or Proportion and Perspective.

Cabalistic Letter: S.Sh

Divine Principle: Continuity of Life

Intellectual Attribute: Dramatic Expression

Emotional Attribute: Sensation

Material Factor: Being in Command

Planetary Association: The Sun

Metal: Gold

Vibratory Colour: Orange

Tarot Signification: The Adept (Success or Attainment)

22. One of the worst Numbers. It shows a Danger of Failure usually through a Blindness to face up to the Facts of any given Situation and a taking of Things too much for granted.

Cabalistic Letter: T

Divine Principle: Infinity

Intellectual Attribute: Doubt

Emotional Attribute: Uncertainty

Material Factor: Lack of Progress

Planetary Association: Earth

Metal: none (since Earth encompasses all Metals)

Vibratory Colour: Green

Tarot Signification: The Materialist (Failure, Folly, Mistake)

Onychomancy. Divination by the Fingernails of a virgin Boy. The Nails are covered with Soot and Oil, and when turned to the Sun they reflect the desired Image.

Owl. Symbolises Knowledge and Common Sense and therefore is worn as a Charm by those desirous of acquiring Knowledge and those interested in Learning and Education. Should be made of Gold, Silver or Copper. Applies to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Peacock Feather. A Symbol of bad Luck. No Suitors will come for the Daughters or the House that has Peacock Feathers in it.

Pharmacy. Divination by Means of medicated Drugs.

Pixie-Led. Pixies can lead a Person astray whilst travelling. One must turn his Coat, or turn his Pockets inside out, to counter the Spell.

Planets, Their Colours and Associations:

Jupiter Purple Prosperity and Benevolence

Mars Red Contention and Ruddiness

Mercury Dove Grey The Mind

Moon White, Silver, pale Opalescent Green

Saturn Black Restraint. The Planet of the Sabbath.

Sun Yellow, Gold, Orange

Uranus Mixed Colours

Venus Delicate colours, Green shades, pale Blue Beauty and Splendour

Psychomancy. A divining Art by which the Dead are called up to answer Questions.

Rings. Rings represent the Sun, and Eternity.

Rings of Faience (Red Pottery) and of Red Glass protect Soldiers from Wounds and Bleeding.

Cramp Ring: A Ring made from Screws and Nails from a Coffin. Used to cure epileptic Fits, if consecrated on Good Friday. Rings made from Horn or from Donkey Hoofs also prevent Epilepsy.

Fede Ring/Betrothal Ring: Show two clasped Hands and bear Inscriptions such as "Be true in heart though far apart."

Gemmel Ring: Two or three Rings hinged together. When two People become engaged, the Rings are broken apart, and the Two each wear One. The Third goes to a Witness. Gemmel Rings insure happy Marriage, but Misfortune if not carefully handled. If one of the Rings falls to the Ground during the Betrothal or Marriage Ceremony, ill Fortune will follow.

Mizpah Ring: A plain Gold band with Flanges, a Hebrew Charm given by One to Another to keep Both safe when they are separated.

Posy Ring: A Ring with a love Poem inscribed. Protects and preserves True Love.

Rings for gaining the influence of certain Planets:

Sun Diamond or Topaz set in Gold

Moon Pearl, Crystal or Quartz set in Silver

Mercury Opal or Agate set in Quicksilver

Venus Emerald or Turquoise set in Copper

Mars Ruby or any red Stone set in Iron

Jupiter Sapphire, Amethyst or Carnelian set in Tin

Saturn Onyx or Sapphire set in Lead

Rod. Symbol of phallic Power. It represents Male Power, Female Receptivity, and the Milk of Fecundity. Not for Women, and when assumed by them, associated with Sorcery.

Sacrificial Knife. A Knife which has been used to slaughter a Kid on the Day before using. Leave the Animal’s Blood on the Blade of the Knife when it is to be used for Magickal Purposes.

Saining. A presentation to a Coven of a Child born to Members of the Coven.

Samhain. October 31, the Festival of the Dead. The beginning of Winter; the New Year. All Flowers die or go dormant.

Scarab. Prized as an Emblem of the Great Creator of the Universe. Keeps away Misfortune.

Sceptre. Symbol of phallic Power. It represents Male Power, Female receptivity, and the Milk of Fecundity. Not for women, and when assumed by them, associated with sorcery.

Sheep. A Sheep’s Knucklebone, called a Cramp Bone, is a Talisman against the Evil Eye. It must never touch the Ground, or it will lose its Power.

Sideromancy. Conjuring with a hot Iron, on which Straws are laid. The contortions made by the burning Straws reveal the Answers.

Skull of a Corpse. White Moss scraped from the Skull of a Corpse is an Aphrodisiac.

Spiral. Represents the Whirlwind, which brings Rain. A Female Symbol. A Symbol of Prosperity and Fertility. Life-giving and beneficent. Associated with the Octopus and the Serpent. The Fig Tree, with its writhing Trunk, symbolises Fertility. The Moon, always Female, is also associated with Rain, the Symbol of Fertility. The Chinese Dragon, representing a Water Spout, is also a Spiral. Snakes and Serpents are also associated with Rain, as are Snails.

Spitting. Spitting is good Luck, also a Counter against the Evil Eye. Spit on the Earth, mix the Spittle with Dirt, and put it on an Infant’s Forehead and Lips, using the middle Finger, for Luck. Spit on cut Hair so that it can’t be used against you by Witches.

Spring Equinox. March 21.

Smoke. Smoke has protective Magick.

Staff. Symbol of phallic Power. It represents Male Power, Female Receptivity, and the Milk of Fecundity. Not for Women, and when assumed by them, associated with Sorcery. May take the place of a Sword, when drawing large Magick Circles, for instance.

Stick. Symbol of phallic Power. It represents Male Power, Female Receptivity, and the Milk of Fecundity. Not for Women, and when assumed by them, associated with Sorcery

Swallow. Particularly as a Silver Emblem, considered to be good Luck. The Birds Themselves are induced to nest in the Eaves of a House, as a good Omen for the House and its inhabitants.

Sword. Performs symbolic or psychic cutting, especially when used to draw the Magick Circle, thus cutting off the encircled space from the ordinary world.

Sun. The Circle is the Symbol of the Sun, Centre of all Life and Energy, Symbol of Eternity. The Sun is a Male Symbol. Wheels also symbolise the Sun.

Swastika. The Wheel of the Law, a Charm for good Fortune. See Movement.

Sycomancy. Conjuring with Fig Leaves. Names and Questions are written on the Leaves, which are then exposed to the Winds. Those remaining furnish the Answers.

Talisman. An Object believed to give Protection against a particular Disease or Spell.

Tau. A T-Shape, symbolic of Life. Wards off Diseases of the Skin and helps to keep One pure in Thought. Especially helpful for all interested in Religious and Welfare matters, Medicine, Nursing, etc. Should be worn by Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Gold, Silver or Copper are used.

Tincture of Benzoin:

1. Powder 2 Ounces of Benzoin Gum, and add 4 Ounces of Water and 12 Ounces of Alcohol.

2. Bottle, keep tightly capped for 2 Weeks.

3. Shake daily.

4. A Teaspoon of Glycerine can be added.

5. After two Weeks, strain and bottle the Liquid.

Tiger Penis. An Aphrodisiac.

Tortoise. The Flesh of the Land Tortoise is highly salutary for repelling the Malpractices of Magick and neutralising its poisons. Its Blood improves the Eyesight and removes Cataracts. The Shavings of the Shell are an Aphrodisiac. The Eggs of the Tortoise are a Remedy for Scrofula.

Unicorn. A Symbol of Justice.

Vulture. The right Lobe of a Vulture’s Lung is an Aphrodisiac.

Walpurgis Night. April 30. Also called Witches’ Sabbath/Sabbat.

Weaving. An Exercise in Fecundity. The Loom is Female, the Heddle Male. Thread is potent Female Hair and Water-bringing sacred Serpents.

Widdershins. Counterclockwise. Sometimes shunned as negative, but sometimes used to disperse negative Energies or to undo a Magick Circle after a Ritual.

Witch Peg. Carve a Cedar Stick so that it has three Prongs. Insert four of these Pegs in the Ground about the Home to keep Witchcraft away.

Wolf. A Wolf’s Tooth attached to the Body prevents Infants from being startled, and acts as a Preservative against the Problems of Dentition. A Wolf’s Skin, attached to a Horse’s Neck, will render the Horse safe from Weariness. A Wolf’s Tail is protection against the Evil Eye.

Yule. Winter Solstice (December 22.)


Colours and Associations:

Aries White and Red Mars Red Hematite

Taurus White and Lemon Venus Emerald

Gemini White and Red Mercury Marble

Cancer Green or Russet The Moon Chrysoprase

Leo Red and Green The Sun Sardonyx

Virgo Black and Blue Mercury Jasper

Libra Dark Crimson Venus Opal

Scorpio Dark Brown Mars Banded Agate

Sagittarius Sanguine Green Jupiter Amethyst

Capricorn Black Saturn Serpentine

Aquarius Sky Blue Uranus Lapis Lazuli

Pisces Glistening White Neptune Crystal