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A Glossary of Magickal Terms

Glossary (A Through M)

Acorn. An Acorn is used to maintain Youthfulness and Vigour. It is has the effect of making a wayward Lover repent and return to his or her jilted Companion. It can be made of Copper or Tin, and worn irrespective of one’s Birth Month. The Acorn is the Symbol of Thor, God of Thunder.

Aeromancy. Divination by appearances in the Air.

Alectromancy. Divination by a Cock. Letters are laid on the Ground with Grains on each. The Cock picks at the Grains, spelling out Words.

All Hallows' Eve. October 31. Also called Witches’ Sabbath/Sabbat.

Amulet. Something believed to have Magickal Powers that protects or brings good Fortune as long as it is worn or carried.

Anchor. An Anchor is an Emblem of Hope, and associated with the Sea and with all things of a seafaring Nature. It can be made of various Metals, but preferably of Iron. As an Emblem of Hope it can be made in the Form of a Badge or a Brooch, usually with a blue or sea green Background. It is associated with the Moon and Cancer, and with Saturn and Capricorn.


Arkiel The Angel who taught the Symbols of the Earth.

Azzazel The Angel who taught men how to use Precious Stones.

Barakel The Angel who taught men Astronomy (same as Rakiel).

Kokabel The Angel who taught men Astrology.

Rakiel The Angel who taught men Astronomy (same as Barakel).

Sahriel The Angel who taught the Symbols of the Moon (same as Scuriel).

Samsiel The Angel who taught the Symbols of the Sun.

Scuriel The Angel who taught the Symbols of the Moon (same as Sahriel).

Shehakeel The Angel who taught the Wisdom of the Clouds.

Angle. A Metal Charm made of Iron, in the Shape of an Angle shaped like the Letter L, increases the intellectual Capacity and gives ability for Writing and Oratory. It can be worn irrespective of the Birth Month.

Anointing Oils. In the following Recipes, you can use Olive Oil where Oil is mentioned.

Attraction Oil:

1. Mix equal Parts of Lovage Herb and grated Lemon Peel or Lemon Flowers.

2. Add 2 Tablespoons of this Mixture to 2 Ounces of Oil.

3. Put a small Lodestone into the Bottle.

Bankrupt Oil:

1. 2 Tablespoons of powdered Devil’s Shoestring, 2 Ounces of Oil.

2. Add a small Piece of Devil’s Shoestring to the Bottle.

Blessing Oil:

2 Parts Frankincense and 1 Part Benzoin Gum to 2 Ounces Oil.

Confusion Oil:

2 Parts Rue, 1 Part Guinea Pepper, 2 Ounces Oil.

Controlling Oil:

2 Tablespoons Calamus, 2 Ounces Oil

Courage Oil:

1. Equal Parts Rosemary, Cinquefoil and Gardenia Petals with 2 Ouncse of Oil.

2. Add a small Piece of High John the Conqueror Root to the Bottle.

Crossing Oil:

1. Equal Parts Wormwood and Pepperwort, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Add a small Piece of Ground-Ivy to the Bottle.

Dream Oil:

1. Equal Parts grated Lemon Peel or Lemon Flowers, Frankincense and Myrrh, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Place a Bit of Cinquefoil in the Bottle.

Friendly Judge Oil:

1. 2 Parts Carnation Petals, one Part each Anise Seed and Cinnamon, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a small Piece of Galangal Root in the Bottle.

Gambler’s Luck Oil:

1. 3 Parts Cinnamon, 1 Part Carnation Petals, 1 Part Anise Seed, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Place a small Piece of High John the Conqueror Root in the Bottle.

Gypsy Blood Oil:

2 Parts Patchouli Leaves, 1 Part Guinea Pepper, 2 Ounces Oil.

Happy Heart Oil:

2 Tablespoons Wisteria Flowers, 2 Ounces Oil.

Health Attracting Oil:

2 Tablespoons of Rose, Carnation, Gardenia, grated Lemon Peel or Lemon Flowers, 2 Ounces Oil.

Home Protection Oil:

1. Equal Parts Cinquefoil, Sandalwood, Gardenia Petals and Purslane Herb, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a Pinch of blessed Salt in the Bottle.

Louisiana Van Van Oil:

1. 2 Tablespoons Lemon grass, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a Pinch of blessed Salt in the Bottle.

Love Drawing Oil:

1. 2 Tablespoons Jasmine, red Rose or Lavender, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a small Piece of Orris Root in the Bottle.


1. 2 Parts red Rose Petals, 1 Part Cinnamon, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a small Piece of Orris Root in the Bottle.

Lucky Life Oil:

1. 2 Parts Cinnamon, 1 Part Camomile and 1 Part Peony, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a Tonka Bean in the Bottle.

Mistress of the House Oil:

1. 2 Tablespoons Calamus and 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a small Piece of Devil’s Shoestring in the Bottle.

Money Drawing Oil:

1. Mix equal Parts Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood with 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a Bit of Bayberry Herb in the Bottle.

Peaceful Home Oil:

2 Parts white Rose Petals, 1 Part Cumin Seed, 2 Ounces Oil.

Peaceful Thoughts Oil:

Equal Parts Lavender, Rosemary and Wintergreen with 2 Ounces Oil.

Power Oil:

Equal Parts grated Lemon Peel or Lemon Flowers and Frankincense, 2 Ounces Oil

Protection Oil:

1. Equal Parts Sandalwood, Patchouli Leaves and Gardenia Petals with 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a Pinch of blessed Salt in the Bottle.

Seduction Oil:

1. 2 Tablespoons Cloves, 2 Ounce Oil.

2. Add a small Piece of Verbena Root to the Bottle.

Stray No More Oil:

1. 2 Parts Spikenard, 1 Part Linden Flowers, 1 Part Herba Mate, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a small Piece of Magnolia Root in the Bottle.

Success Oil:

1. 2 Parts each Sandalwood, Cinquefoil and Frankincense, 1 Part Cinnamon and grated Lemon Peel or Lemon Flowers, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Add a small Piece of High John the Conqueror Root to the Bottle.

Uncrossing Oil:

1. 2 Parts Sandalwood, Patchouli Leaves and Myrrh, 1 Part Cinquefoil, 2 Ounces Oil.

2. Put a Pinch of blessed Salt and 8 Drops of household Ammonia to each 1 Ounce of Oil made.

3. Shake well before each Use.

Arrowhead. An Arrowhead wards off the Evil Eye and protects the Wearer from evil Intentions. Especially favourable for Cancer and Sagittarius.

Astrological Oils. Use for an Individual of the particular Zodiac Sign indicated. Mix 2 Tablespoons, or one of each listed Ingredient, with 2 Ounces of Oil.

Aries: Anemone, Betony, Cowslip, Cypress, Geranium, Nettle, Pine, Wormwood

Taurus: Burdock, Carnation, Clover, Goldenrod, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Mallow, Mint, Musk, Periwinkle, Primrose, Rose, Saffron, Strawberry, Vervain, iolet

Gemini: Bayberry, Caraway Seed, Gladiolus, Jasmine, Marjoram, Mastic Resin, Orchid, Parsley, Sandalwood, Yellow Rose

Cancer: Agrimony, Aloe, Balm, Bay Leaves, Buck Bean, Cedar, Cinnamon, Daisy, Hyacinth, Larkspur, Lotus, Myrtle, All Nocturnal Flowers, Poppy, Sundew, Sweet Flag, Water Lily

Leo: Camphor, Cassia, Camomile Flowers, Cloves, Eyebright, Frankincense, Goat’s Rue, Goldenrod, Great Celandine, Red Sandalwood, Sunflower

Virgo: Aster, Caraway Seed, Citron Peel, Cornflower, Horehound, Lavender, Lily, Mace, Male Fern, Marjoram, Morning Glory, Narcissus, Petunia, Snowdrop

Libra: Aloe, Burdock, Calendula, Goldenrod, Mint, Pennyroyal, Periwinkle, Primrose, Rose, Sandalwood, Satinwood, Vervain, Violet

Scorpio: Anemone, Basil, Chrysanthemum, Cypress, Dogwood, Little Celandine, Nettles, Pine, Rosemary, Vanilla Leaf, Wormwood, Yucca

Sagittarius: Aster, Balsam, Cinquefoil, Cloves, Daffodil, Goat’s Beard, Narcissus, Nutmeg, Pimpernel, Saffron, Sage

Capricorn: Carnation, Comfrey, Dandelion, Flax Seed, Frankincense, Iceland Moss, Khuskhus, Sorrel, Thistle

Aquarius: Absinthe/Wormwood, Buttercup, Comfrey, Daffodil, Fennel, Flax Seed, Iceland Moss, Pepperwort, Pine, Poppy, Sciatica Wort, Southernwood, Valerian, Violet

Pisces: Balsam, Birthwort, Carnation, Cinquefoil, Cloves, Dock, Lilac, Lily (including Water Lily), Nutmeg, Pellitory, Sage,

Athame. A double-Edged Knife with a dark Handle, used to direct personal Power, or psychic Energy, from the Body out into the World.

Autumn Equinox. September 22.

Axe. Somewhat similar to an Arrowhead, but applies more to Aries and Libra, who should wear it made of Silver or white Metal.

Axinomancy. Divination by an Axe or Hatchet, which is posted on a Stake, to turn at the Name of a guilty Person.

Balefire. A Ritual Bonfire.

Bamboo and Serpent. This Talisman consists of a Ring bearing a Number of Triangles, made of Gold. Lying on the Ring is a Serpent crossed with a Stick of Bamboo bearing seven Knots, made of Gold or other Metal if desired. The Ring stands for Eternity. The Triangles symbolise the Trinity. The seven-Knotted Bamboo stands for the seven Degrees of Learning, and the Serpent for Wisdom. Can be worn to secure long Life and to acquire Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom. Especially applicable to Virgo and Capricorn.

Bear Gallbladder. An Aphrodisiac.

Bee. A Symbol of the Soul.

Bell. Bells frighten away Demons.

Beltane. May 1.

Bird’s Nest Soup. An Aphrodisiac, when made from the edible Nests of Sea Swallows found in the dark Caves of Borneo.

Blasting Wand:

1. A fresh, Virgin (meaning the Tree has never been cut before nor is it more than one Year old) Hazel Branch must be found. The Branch is not to be touched on the Day of finding it.

2. The next Day at Sunrise, the Branch is cut with a Sacrificial Knife, and its Length should be 19.5 inches.

3. The Wand must not be shown to anyone until completely finished.

4. Cap the ends with steel Caps.

5. Pass a Lodestone over the Caps to magnetise them.

6. Paint appropriate Symbols on the Wand, using Gilt or golden Ink.

Book of Shadows. A Witch’s personal Notebook of Spells, Rituals, and Lore.

Botanomancy. Conjuring with Herbs, especially Salvia.

Caduceus. The winged Serpent on a Staff, as used by the medical Profession. A Mascot for Persons in the World of Commerce and Business. Helps to promote very good Business Deals, allays Differences and Misunderstandings and overcomes Quarrels. Associated with Gemini.

Candlemas. February 2. Also called Witches’ Sabbath/Sabbat


Black. Sadness and Mourning, Evil, Loss, Discord, Confusion.

Brown. Hesitation in all Matters, Uncertainty and Doubt, Neutrality; robs Energy

Dark Blue. Depression, Moodiness, Changeability, Impulsiveness; unfortunate and very Subduing.

Green. Money, Luck, financial Success and Prosperity, Fertility, good Crops and Harvest.

Greenish Yellow. Jealousy and Anger, Sickness, Quarrels, Discord, Cowardice.

Grey. Cancellation, Stalemate, Neutrality.

Light Blue. Understanding, Health, Tranquillity, Protection, Peace, general Happiness, spiritual Awareness, Patience; sharpens the Power to perceive.

Orange. Encouragement, Attraction, Adaptability, Stimulation; strengthens the Ability to Concentrate.

Pink. Overcomes Evil; represents Honour, Love, Mortality, Friendship, general Success.

Purple. Ambition, Power (worldly, psychic or Magickal); promotes Business Progress; causes Tension; strengthens Willpower.

Red. Love, Sexuality, good Health, Strength and physical Vigour.

White. Adds to spiritual Strength; breaks Curses or crossed Conditions; represents Faith, Purity, Truth and Sincerity.

Yellow. Attraction, Persuasion (can change Minds), Charm; instils Confidence.

Cat. As a Charm, especially black, it is considered lucky. Badges and Brooches of Metal can be made; the Metal is usually an Alloy with black Enamel. It comes under the Influence of Capricorn and Pisces. Lilith, in the form of a huge black Cat named El Broosha, sucks the Blood of new-born Infants. Cats, as Demons, will occupy the Body of the newly-Dead, and therefore must be kept out of the Room where the dead Body lies. Cats are associated with Vampires.

Cauldron. A Pot in which Magickal Transformations occur, often aided by Fire. Filled with Water, the Pot is used for Scrying.

Cephalomancy. Divination by broiling an Ass’s Head on Coals. The Jaws move at the Name of a guilty Person.

Ceromancy. Divination by the forms assumed by melted Wax as it is dropped into Water.

Chalice. Symbol of the Goddess, FeMale Principal, and FeMale Energy. Holds Water or Wine for Ritual Use.

Charge. To transmit personal Power into an Object.

Charm. A charged Object; an Amulet is a Charm said to ward off specific Energies, and a Talisman a Charm to attract them.


Black Signifies Death.

Blue Signifies Intellect.

Orange Signifies Intuition.

Red Signifies Life and Passion., Luck, Life-granting.

White Signifies Life. In the East, signifies Death and Devilry.

Yellow Signifies Intuition. Imperial. The Colour of Fecundity.

Cornucopia. Also called the Horn of Plenty. Symbolic of Plenty, and to wear this Charm made in Gold or Silver helps to ensure an Abundance of Wealth and Prosperity. Very favourable for Virgos and Sagittarius.

Coscinomancy. Divination by a Sieve.

Coven. A Group of initiated Witches.

Cow. In the Scottish Highlands, if a Stranger looks admiringly at a Cow, she will waste away from the Evil Eye, unless he drinks her Milk to avert the Spell. Turks and Arabs think the same of Horses and Camels.

Crescent. Used as a Protection against the Evil Eye and Witchery. Must be open to the Left; open to the Right interferes with the Protection. Particularly helpful for all matters to do with Children and young People, and for those commencing new Activities and Interests.

Cricket. Protection against the Evil Eye. Can be live or an Amulet.

Cross. Symbolic of phallic Power. It represents Male Power, FeMale Receptivity, and the Milk of Fecundity. Not for Women, and when assumed by them, associated with Sorcery. A Cross standing on a Heart is a Symbol of Goodness.

Crystalomancy. Divination by polished and enchanted Crystals.

Dactylomancy. Divination by enchanted Rings.

Days of the Week:

Sunday. Ruled by the Sun. The Colour is yellow. Sunday’s Influence concerns Peace and Harmony, obtaining the Favour of those in high Places, Riches, Glory, making Friends, recovering lost Property, preventing War. Its Ring is a Diamond set in Gold.

Monday. Ruled by the Moon. The Colour is white. Monday is good to begin Rituals for Reconciliations, Dreams, Receptivity, Love, Voyages, Messages, FeMale Fertility. Its Ring is a Moonstone set in Silver.

Tuesday. Ruled by Mars. The Colour is red. Tuesday concerns developing Courage, overthrowing Enemies, military Honours, breaking negative Spells. In the negative Aspect, can create Strife and Hardships, cause Bitterness between Friends, etc. Its Ring is a Hematite set in Iron.

Wednesday. Ruled by Mercury. Its Colour is purple. Its Influence concerns Health, Science, Studies, psychic and spiritual Development, Communications, Divination, influencing Others. Its Ring is a Pink Jasper set in Silver.

Thursday. Ruled by Jupiter. Its Colour is blue. Use this Day to begin your Rituals concerning Wealth, obtaining Honours, Male Fertility, Friendship, Health, to obtain Luck, Success in your chosen Career, general Ambition. Its Ring is a Carbuncle set in Tin.

Friday. Ruled by Venus. Its Colour is green. Venus’s Influence deals with Love, Romance, Beauty, Kindness, Happiness, Travel, to foster new Friendships, and to gratify Lust. Its Ring is a Coral set in Bronze.

Saturday. Ruled by Saturn. Its Colour is black. Its negative Aspect is for psychic Attacks. Its positive Aspect is for psychic Self-Defence, to protect from Evil, Spirit Communication, and Anything connected with the Home. Its Ring is an Onyx set in Lead.

Deasil/Deosil. Clockwise or Sunwise. In Ritual, the Path of positive Energies.

Dew. Night Dew is believed to have demonic Properties.

Divination. The Art of discerning the Unknown through Tarot Cards, Crystal gazing, or the Like.

Door. Red on the Door protects the House from Demons. A Rowan Tree outside the Door wards off Witches. A Lion-Headed Doorknocker is popular because of the Lion’s Association with Power, Authority, and Importance.

Dove. A Symbol of Peace.

Esbat. The full Moon Celebration; twelve or thirteen Times a Year.

Eye. Represents the Sun. Symbolises Protection and Strength.

Falling Star. A Portent of Death.

Familiars, Names for:

Bat Wix

Bear Iltorep

Beetle Quist

Cat Ninkip

Deer Pronocaspo

Dog Malop

Finch Lurit

Fish Ninx

Fly Smeth

Fowl Runipia

Goat Hurathixet

Lamb Galosty

Mole Crope

Mouse Pibbit

Opossum Yim

Otter Ircis

Owl Oxpictas

Pig Jalp

Rat Leppin

Snail Sylog

Sparrow Scridee

Stoat Sordoxo

Toad Jubbin

Fire. Fireplaces and Chimneys need careful guarding. The Fire is the Soul of the House in cold Climates.

Fish. A Sign of Increase and Wealth. Cut out of Gold or Mother of Pearl and used as a Charm or Pendant for good Fortune. Extremely helpful for Pisces.

Four-Leafed Clover. Each Leaf has a separate Meaning. Numbering Clockwise from lower Left:

#1: Helps to bring Fame.

#2: Assists in the obtaining of Wealth.

#3: Brings a faithful Lover or Sweetheart.

#4: Brings robust Health. Can be made of Tin or Alloy and enamelled green. Associated with Cancer and Pisces.

Goldfish Bowl. Placed opposite the Door, can stop the Entrance into a Home of Demons, because of the Glitter of the Glass and the lucky Fish Symbol.

Grasshopper. Made of Tin or alloy and enamelled Green. Said to bring Riches and Wealth and favourable to Farmers and All who have to do with the Land. Connected with Virgo.

Graveyard Dust. Mix with Something of an Enemy to place a Hex on the Enemy. Sprinkle the Powder on the Enemy’s Doorstep, or mix with Oil and smear on the Enemy’s Doorknob.

Grimoire. A book of spells, Rituals, and Lore.

Hand. As a Charm, protection against the Evil Eye. Should be made of Pottery or Bronze.

Handfasting. Marriage.

Hand of Glory:

1. Take the Hand of a hanged Man and wrap it in funeral Cloth.

2. Squeeze the Hand until as dry as possible.

3. Put in an Earthenware Pot with Powdered Saltpetre, Zimat (Verdigris or Iron Sulphate), Pepper, and Salt.

4. After fourteen Days, take the Hand from the Pot, and leave it in the Sunlight during the Dog Days (early July through mid-August) until thoroughly dry. If it will not dry, put it in an Oven with Vervain and Fern.

5. Make a Candle of a condemned Man’s Fat, Sesame, Virgin Wax, and dry Horse Dung. Use the Hand of Glory as the Candlestick.

All seeing the Hand of Glory, except its Bearer, will be paralysed. It will also paralyse Anyone sleeping nearby. A Hand of Glory will sparkle with a great Deal of Noise when taken near buried or concealed Treasure. When the Candle is brought directly over the Treasure, it will go out. A Defence against a Hand of Glory is to obtain, during the Dog Days, Gall of a black Cat, Fat of a white Fowl, and the Blood of a Screech Owl; make an Unguent of them and apply to the Doorways and Window Sills and the Hand of Glory will be nullified if taken through them.

Handparting. Separation of Marriage.

Heart. A Symbol of true Love. Should be made of Gold. Very fortunate for Leo and Libra.

Heart of Hummingbird. Roasted, it is an Aphrodisiac.

Herb Candles. Mix the Herb with the Wax whilst making the Candle, or roll the dressed Candle in the powdered Herb. Sprinkle the Herb in the Oil and dress the Candle with the Oil.

Confuse an Enemy: Powdered Yohimbe Root, brown Candle.

Cursing: Powdered Knot Grass, black Candle

Gossip, Stopping: Powdered Slippery Elm, white Candle

Healing: Powdered Blessed Thistle, light blue Candle

Love: Red or pink Candle with powdered Vervain and powdered Passion Flower.

Luck: Powdered Peony, powdered Cinquefoil, green Candle.

Marriage: Powdered Orange Blossoms, powdered Orris Root, powdered Anise Seed, red Candle.

Money: Powdered Thyme, powdered Cloves, powdered Bayberry Herb, green Candle.

Passion: Myrtle and powdered Cloves, red Candle.

Protection from Evil: Powdered Cinquefoil, powdered Sandalwood, light blue Candle.

Spiritual and Psychic Power: Powdered Anise Seed, purple or white Candle.

Success: Powdered Cinnamon, powdered Irish Moss, powdered Cinquefoil, orange Candle.

Uncrossing: Powdered Wood Betony, white Candle.

Understanding: Powdered Frankincense, light blue Candle.

Holy Water. Put a Tablespoon of Salt in a Saucer. Stir in a Cup of Water. Have the Mixture blessed.

Honey. A Symbol of Death.

Horseshoe. Well-known Bringer of Luck and good Fortune. The Points should point downwards, for the Symbol is associated with the Moon. Pointing down brings and maintains Prestige and Reputation. Pointing up brings Loss, Misfortune, and Loss of Prestige and Reputation. Should be made of Tin or Alloy as it is under the influence of Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, and is associated with Sagittarius. A stolen Horseshoe placed on the Chimney Hearth will bring good Luck to the House.

Hydromancy. Divination by Images in Water.

Hyena. The Skin from a Hyena’s Forehead is Protection against the Evil Eye.

Imbolc. February 1; Feast of Candles. Celebrates first Stirrings of Spring, the Sprouting of Seeds.


Aura of Enchantment Incense: ¼ Ounce Bayberry Herb ½ Ounce powdered Sandalwood 1 Ounce Frankincense ¼ Ounce Anise Seed ¼ Ounce powdered Myrrh ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 1 Dram Gardenia Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Bon Voyage Incense: 1 Ounce Jalop Powder ½ Ounce Rosemary Herb ¼ Ounce Patchouli Leaves 1 Tablespoon Brimstone (Sulphur) 3 Tablespoon Ginger ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Circle of Protection Incense: 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood ½ Ounce powdered Cinquefoil ¼ Ounce powdered Frankincense ¼ Ounce grated Orange Peel ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 1 Dram Gardenia Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Cooling Anger Incense: 1 Ounce powdered Passion Flower 1 Ounce powdered Orris Root ½ Ounce powdered Rose Petals ½ Ounce dark brown Sugar ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 1 Dram Honey 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Enticing Love Incense: 1 Ounce Rose Petals ¼ Ounce Sweet Bugle (Calamus Root) ½ Ounce Cinnamon ¼ Ounce Anise Seed ¼ Ounce Frankincense 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin 1 Dram Seduction Oil

Faible Incense: 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood ½ Ounce powdered Bay Leaves ½ Ounce powdered Dill Seed 1 Teaspoon Asafoetida 1 Dram Uncrossing Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Glow of Health Incense: ½ Ounce Bayberry Herb 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood 1 Ounce Carnation Petals ½ Ounce Rose Petals ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Le Diable S’en Va Incense (Used for Exorcisms.): ¼ Teaspoon Powdered Asafoetida 1 Ounce powdered Frankincense ½ Ounce powdered Rosemary 1 Tablespoon Powdered Vanillin ¼ Ounce Jalop Powder ¼ Ounce Basil Leaves ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin 1 Dram Uncrossing Oil

Leprechaun’s Gold Incense: 1 Ounce Cinnamon 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood ¼ Ounce powdered Frankincense ¼ Ounce Bayberry Herb ½ Ounce Anise Seed ½ Ounce grated Orange Peel ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 1 Dram Louisiana Van Van Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Prophetic Dreams Incense: ½ Ounce powdered Sandalwood ¼ Ounce Bayberry Herb ½ Ounce Rose Petals ¼ Ounce Lavender ¼ Ounce Orris Root 1 Ounce grated Lemon Peel ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 1 Dram Frankincense Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Rising Fame Incense: ½ Ounce powdered Sandalwood 1 Ounce Cinnamon ½ Ounce Frankincense ¼ Ounce powdered Myrrh ¼ Ounce powdered Orris Root 1 Dram Attraction Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Shower of Gold Incense: 1 Ounce Bayberry Herb 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood 1 Ounce Frankincense ¼ Ounce powdered Myrrh ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 1 Dram Cinnamon Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Uncrossing Incense: ½ Ounce powdered Frankincense 1 Ounce powdered Dragon’s Blood 1 Ounce powdered Sandalwood ¼ Teaspoon Saltpetre 1 Dram of Gardenia Oil 2 Drams Tincture of Benzoin

Insects. Spiders and Beetles are said to attract Money, whilst Scorpions will put up a Guard against Enmity and can even destroy those who seek to do One an Ill or Evil Turn. Associated with Virgo and Scorpio.

Iron. The Metal Iron is noxious to Evil Spirits. Immediately after a Death, a Piece of Iron, such as a Nail or Knitting Needle, is stuck into all the Meal, Butter, Cheese, Meat and Whiskey in the House, to prevent Death from entering them. Sharp Instruments should not be used as long as the Ghost of a deceased Friend is near, lest the Ghost be wounded. No Knife should be left lying with the sharp Edge upwards so long as a Corpse remains in the House, or else the Soul will be forced to ride on the Blade.

Israel, Twelve Tribes: Name: Standard: Assher the Producer Tree Capricorn Benjamin the Devourer Horse Aries Dan the Adder Eagle Scorpio Gad the Victor Army of Men Sagittarius Issachar the Bender Sun or Full Moon Libra Joseph the Redeemer Pisces Judah the Lion’s Whelp Lion Leo Levi the Slayer Gemini Levi "Held to the Altar" Cancer Manasseh Unicorn Napthali the Comforter Deer Aquarius Reuben the Defiler Man’s Head or Bust Taurus Simeon the Slayer Citadel Gemini Zebulon the Haven Ship Virgo

Key. A Symbol of Life and Knowledge. Sometimes in the Form of three Keys, signifying Love, Wealth and Health. Suitable for Virgos, Scorpios, and Aquarians, and should be made of Gold, hardened Steel or Chromium-plated Metal.

Knot. Stands for the Joining of Things and used as a Symbol by Lovers. Can be made of Gold, Silver or Platinum and favours Geminis and Pisces. During Childbirth, all Knots in the House must be untied to ensure that there are no Obstructions to the Birth.

Ladybird/Ladybug. Brings financial good Fortune. Should be made of Gold as a Badge or Brooch. Good for Taureans and Leos.

Lamb. A Symbol of Peace.

Lammas. August 1. Also called Witches’ Sabbath/Sabbat.

Lion. A Symbol of Strength and Bravery.

Lithomancy. Divination with a precious Stone.

Lodestone. A protective Amulet. Can stop Gout when rubbed on the affected Area.

Lugnasadh. August 1; first Harvest, ripening Fruit and Grains.

Magick Saining. Initiation into a Coven in which the new Member takes a Witch Name.

Midsummer. June 21.

Mirror. Frightens away Devils.

Molybdomancy. Divination by Ashes exposed to the Wind.

Moon. The Moon is always connected with Magick. Its Cycles are allied to the Tides of the Ocean and the monthly Cycles of Women. The Moon is a Female Symbol.

Movement. The Swastika symbolises the Movement of the Seasons. It is Life-oriented, Fertility-granting, auspicious and lucky white Magick making. Turning Counter-Clockwise, it is Life-destroying, demonic, inauspicious and unlucky. Movement, as a generating Power, contains Magick.


Calliope. The Muse of Epic Poetry. Her Attributes are a Tablet and a Stylus, or a Roll of Paper.

Clio. The Muse of History. Her Attribute is an open Scroll.

Erato. The Muse of Erotic Poetry. Her Attribute is a Lyre.

Euterpe. The Muse of Lyric Poetry. Her Attribute is a flute.

Melpomene. The Muse of Tragedy. Her Attributes are a tragic Mask, the Club of Hercules or a Sword.

Polyhymnia. The Muse of Sublime Hymn. She is pensive and meditative, and has no Attributes.

Terpsichore. The Muse of Choral Dance and Song. Her Attributes are a Lyre and a Plectrum.

Thalia. The Muse of Comedy or Idyllic Poetry. Her Attributes are a comic Mask, a Shepherd’s Staff or a Wreath of Ivy.

Urania. The Muse of Astronomy. Her Attributes are a Staff and a Globe.