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The Magickal Properties of Gemstones

Gemstones (P Through Z)

Pandarbes. The Pandarbes is a Talismanic Charm against the Fury of Fire.

Pantheros. The Pantheros is a mottled brown Egyptian Jasper Opal. It protects the Wearer from Enemies, wild Animals and Fear.

Pearl. The Pearl derives its Name from the Latin Perna, Sea Mussel. It is a smooth, hard, roundish Growth, formed within the Shell of some Oysters and other Molluscs. It is associated with Cancer, but can be worn by almost any People except Aries and Virgos. It is an Emblem of Purity, Innocence, Peace, Chastity, and Ability. It is deemed as an Inspirer of Love, and is supposed to possess the Power of curing Fevers and irritable Tempers. A Pearl wrapped in a Bag of Leather and tied round the Neck of an Ox will benefit it and increase its Fruitfulness. It protects Pearl Divers from Sharks. It is used Medicinally as a Remedy for Blood Orders, Swooning, Heart Troubles, Digestive Irregularities and Stomach Complaints, as an Absorbent and as an Antacid. When powdered and served with Milk, the Pearl is a Cure for Irritability. When mixed with Sugar, it is a Charm against Pestilence. If at an afflicted Birth, Pearls are buried, Good will come to the Child and will continue to come unless the Pearls are unearthed. Ground into Powder and mixed with distilled Water, it restores Sanity. It is also used for Fainting Spells.

Peridot. The Peridot gets rid of Envy, increases Friendship, and brings Health.

Philosopher’s Stone/Egg of the Philosophers/Eye of the Philosophers/Lapis Philosophorum. The Philosopher’s Stone is an important Element in any Spells of Magickal Transformation. If any Metal is liquefied in a Vessel, and the Stone is thrown into the Mass, it will transform the Liquid into Gold or Silver.

Plasma. The Plasma is a Leek-green Jasper, associated with Virgo. It symbolises the Wisdom and Rewards of Mercury.

Polish Stones. Polish Stones are Birthstones, as originated by the Poles.

Birthstones: January Garnet, Emblem of Constancy

February Amethyst, Emblem of Sincerity

March Bloodstone, Emblem of Courage

April Diamond, Emblem of Courage

May Emerald, Emblem of Love Success

June Agate, Emblem of Health and Longevity

July Carnelian, Emblem of Contentment

August Sardonyx, Emblem of married Happiness

September Chrysolite, Emblem of Protection from Insanity

October Opal, Emblem of Hope

November Topaz, Emblem of Fidelity

December Turquoise, Emblem of Prosperity

Planetary Stones:

Mars Iron Emerald

Mercury Quicksilver Lodestone

Moon Silver Crystal

Jupiter Tin Carnelian

Saturn Lead Turquoise, Odontolite, Bone Turquoise

Sun Gold Diamond

Venus Copper Amethyst

Zodiac Stones:

Aries Ruby

Taurus Topaz

Gemini Carbuncle

Cancer Emerald

Leo Sapphire

Virgo Diamond

Libra Jacinth

Scorpio Agate

Sagittarius Amethyst

Capricorn Beryl

Aquarius Onyx

Pisces Jasper

Porphyry. The Porphyry derives its Name from the Greek Porphyros, purple. It is a hard purple and white Stone, associated with Gemini. It promotes Eloquence.

Prase. The Prase is a translucent Leek-green Stone, associated with Taurus. It is a Beauty Charm for married Women and for the Mothers of Brides.

Pyrite/Marcasite. The Pyrite derives its Name from the Greek Pyrites, Flint. It is a Crystalline Iron Sulphide. White Iron Pyrite is called Marcasite. It is associated with Scorpio. The Pyrite is used to kindle Fires. A Marcasite engraved with a Man on Horseback holding a Bridle and bent Bow makes the Wearer irresistible in War.

Quartz. Quartz derives its Name from the German Quarz. Quartz, Silicon Oxide, comes in Colours – clear (Rock Crystal), violet (Amethyst), yellow (Cat’s Eye/Chrysoberyl/False Topaz), Rose (Silesian Ruby, which fades in Light an can only be restored to its true Colours by placing it in a cool, damp, dark Place), Blood red (Sard/Jasper/Bloodstone), Muddy red (Chalcedony), yellow-red (Carnelian) and Apple green (Chrysoprase.) Clear Quartz was once the Pride of the Wealthy in cut Crystal Ware, Rings and Necklaces. In Classic Rome, it was widely believed that clear Crystal was hardened Water and Ice, and Crystals were believed to have a "cooling" effect and were all the Rage, the Wealthy wearing them and carrying them about to beat the Italian Heat. Rings made of clear Quartz have been found, and the Emperor Claudius wrote a short Ditty about a young Boy who wore a Crystal Ring which had several Drops of Water enclosed within the Signet – proving, by the way, that Crystal really was made of Water and Ice!

Ruby. The Ruby derives its Name from the Latin Rubeus, reddish. It is a deep red Variety of Corundum. It is sometimes a deep glowing red, but it can range from pink to almost violet. It is associated with Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Cancer, and Aries, but it is also said to be unlucky for Aries and Libra. It is one of the most precious of all Jewels, with the exception of the Diamond. The Ruby has a very clear Brilliance, and is somewhat similar in Composition to the Sapphire. It is an Emblem of Passion, Affection, Power, Majesty, Vitality, Life and Happiness. It is said to be found in the Head of a Dragon. It is most fortunate when worn on the left Hand or the left Side of the Body. The Ruby is a Stone that helps to create and to maintain Friendship and to banish Grief, confer perpetual Safety, aid Friendship, and focus Occult Energy. It has the Qualities of Power, Loyalty and Courage, and is a Charm against Evil Forces. It attracts and retains material Love, removes Obstacles, gives Victory, and reveals the hidden Places of stolen Treasure. The Ruby is a Talisman against Plagues, Poison, Sorrow, and Evil Spirits. It protects from Attacks by Enemies, brings good Fortune, and attracts Friends. By losing its Brilliance, it warns of the Presence of Poison and Danger. It brings Solace from Grief, drives away Evil Thoughts, prevents Theft, settles Quarrels, preserves Strength and Health, protects against Plague and Fevers, gets rid of Evil Spirits, prevents Nightmares, and stops Bleeding. To dream of Rubies indicates to the Businessman rich Patronage and Success in Trade, to the Farmer a successful Harvest and to the professional Man Elevation or Fame and Success in different Degrees.

Rutile. The Rutile is a red, yellow, brown and black Stone, associated with Sagittarius. It is a Charm to Favour the Growth of Hair and to give Foreknowledge.

Sagda. The Sagda is a mysterious Ocean Stone which fixes itself to the Keels of Ships. It is said to be of dark green Colour, similar to Prase. A Protection against Shipwreck, it will cling to the Ship so long as the Timbers are not cut.

Sakhrat. The Sakhrat is a marvellous green Stone which reflects the deep blue Tints of the Crystal Vapours of the Heavens. The Possession of the merest Fragment of this Stone bestows on the Possessor the Knowledge of all the Secrets of the Universe.

Salamander’s Wood/Mountain Flax. Salamander’s Wood is another Name for Asbestos. It is believed to be the Root of a Tree.

Sapphire. The Sapphire derives its Name from the Sanskrit Ùanipriya. It is a precious Stone of clear blue Corundum, associated with Taurus, Virgo and Libra. Blue and green Sapphires are under Aquarius, white is associated with Pisces, yellow with Leo and Amethyst-coloured Sapphires with Sagittarius. It is a Symbol of Purity, and very fortunate for engaged Couples and true Lovers. A Stone of Witchcraft and Occult Powers, it also radiate Gentleness and Peace. A Stone of Truth, Constancy, Friendship, Goodness and Angelic Help; it warns against hidden Dangers and heightens the Imagination and Psychic Forces. The Sapphire is good for bringing Justice and Truth to Light. It assists in promoting Peace and can aid in curing Mental Disorders. It makes Witchcraft work better and tests Virtue. The Star Sapphire guards against Witchcraft. The Sapphire is a Charm against Enchantment, Danger, Treachery, Quarrels between Friends, Evil Suggestions and undue Influence. It is a Destroyer of Poisonous Insects, protects against Snakes and Poisonous Reptiles, and saves the Wearer from Sorcery and Villainy. It rebels against Intoxication, and refuses to adorn the Hand of a Drunkard. The Sapphire is prized as a Love Charm, and is valued for obtaining Favours and bringing good Luck. It provides Spiritual Light, Peace, and Happiness as long as the Owner is not sinful, preserves Chastity, reveals Fraud and Treachery, fortifies the Heart, and protects from Plague, Fever, Poison, Skin Diseases, and black Magick. It loses its Colour and Lustre when Evil is near. The Sapphire has particular Rule over the Eyesight; he who gazes into a Sapphire will Charm away all threatened Injury to his Eyes. A Sapphire dissolved in Milk takes the Sting from dimmed Eyes. For removing foreign Bodies from the Eye, it is recommended that a Sapphire be held a Time on the closed Eyelid and then drawn gently and slowly several Times across from the Nose to the Corner of the Eye. It stops Nosebleed if held against the Temples. It is a Charm against Swellings, Boils, Ruptures, Profuse Perspiration, Poisons, Melancholy, and Flatulence.

Sarcophagus/Lapis Assius. The Sarcophagus derives its Name from the Greek Sarcophagus, Flesh Eater. It is a Stone found at Assos in Troas, and thus is also known as the Lapis Assius. It consumes an entire dead Body with the exception of its Teeth in forty Days.

Sardonyx. The Sardonyx is a Form of Onyx, associated with Leo and Virgo. If a Woman born under Leo does not wear a Sardonyx, she will never marry. It has protective Qualities against Spells and Incantations. It imports Warmth and Precision. The Sardonyx helps to gain Fame and Rewards, sharpens the Wits of the Wearer, renders the Bearer fearless and victorious, and improves the Well-Being of Royalty. It is a Gem of victorious Ecstasy and Rapture, banishing Grief and Woe. It gives Self-Control, Conjugal Happiness and good Fortune. If hung around the Neck, it eases Pain, attracts Friends, inspires married Happiness, brings Success in Legal Actions, and wards off Spells or Witchcraft. Engraved with an Eagle or Hawk, it is a Talisman or Fortune. It is a Protection from contagious Diseases, and prevents or cures the Stings of Scorpions and Bites of Poisonous Snakes.

Saturn Stones. Saturn Stones are any black Stones, such as Black Coral, Black Onyx, Jet, and Obsidian.

Saurite. The Saurite derives its Name from the Greek Sauros, Lizard. It is a Stone cut from a green Lizard with a sharp Reed Knife.

Scarab. The Scarab derives its Name from the Latin Scarabaeus. It is a Copy, in Steatite, Faience, Obsidian, Gold, Beryl, Crystal, Hematite, Carnelian, Jasper, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Granite, Serpentine and other Stones, of the large black Beetle, Scarabaeus sacer. It symbolises the eternal Return of the Sun after the passing of Night. It is a Symbol of everlasting Life and good Luck, and an en Emblem of Fertility.

Scorpion Stone. The Scorpion Stone heals the Wounds of Arrows, the Stings of Insects and the Bite of the Scorpion.

Selenite. The Selenite derives its Name from the Greek Selene, Moon. It is a Pearly white, green, yellow or grey Stone, associated with Cancer. It is a Love Attractor and a Stone to restore Harmony between quarrelsome Lovers. If engraved with a Figure of Diana with Bow and Arrow when the Moon passes through the third, sixteenth and seventeenth Degrees of Cancer, it increases the Power of Imagination and helps the Wearer to realise further Movements. If burned and powdered, it is used to clean Pearls.

Serpentine/Hydrinus. The Serpentine is a translucent, rich oily green Stone. It is also found in dark oily green, light green, Olive green, black green, brown yellow, green yellow, and almost white. It is associated with Capricorn. The Serpentine protects against Poison and Poisonous creatures, and it is a Charm against Serpent Bites and Stings, and to scare away Poisonous Insects, and Reptiles of the Sea and Land.. It also ensures the Welfare of Cattle. It is a Cure for Rheumatism and Rheumatic Pain in the Legs, and for that Reason it is worn attached to the Arms and Legs. It also cures Dropsy and all moist Complaints, especially if held in each Hand whilst resting in the Sunlight. The Figure of a Goat with a Fish’s Tail cut on a Serpentine whilst the Moon passes through the third and fourth Degrees of Capricorn, is a Charm against Rheumatism, Skin Troubles, Gout, stiff Limbs, Accidents to the Limbs, Falls, and Hurts.

Soapstone/Steatite. The Soapstone is a greasy-feeling, extremely soft Talc. It is associated with Taurus.

Sphene/Titanite. The Sphene is associated with Sagittarius.

Spinel/Balas Ruby. The Spinel is coloured red, brown, green, yellow and blue. The red, violet and blue Forms are associated with Virgo. The others are associated with Capricorn. The Spinel is a perfect Health Stone, especially to be worn over the Solar Plexus. It is a fortunate Gem for Physicians, Scholars, Writers, Clerks, Secretaries, Manufacturers, Business People, Hospital Attendants, Nurses, etc. It raises the Thoughts and purifies the Imagination. A Specimen placed at each Corner of a House protects against Calamity. Rough Pieces placed at the Angles of a Garden, Orchard or Cornfield protect the Products from Storms and Lightning, but also carry the Influence of rich Return for the Farmer.

Varieties of Spinel:

Almandine Ruby Violet

Balas Rose red

Ceylonite/Pleonaste Black

Chloro Spinel Green

Rubicelle Orange red

Sapphirine Blue

Spinel Bright red

Spodumene/Hiddenite. The Spodumene is a Stone resembling Feldspar, but more Pearl-like. It is usually pale yellow, but sometimes grey or Ash-coloured. The Emerald green Variety is called Hiddenite. Hiddenite is associated with Taurus, the other Varieties with Libra. All Varieties are powerful Eye Charms, and beneficial to the Kidneys and the Lumbar Regions.

Sun Stones. Sun Stones are any yellowish or Golden Gems, such as Amber or Topaz, under the Influence of the Sun. They are lucky for People born under Leo.

Tiger Eye. The Tiger Eye defeats Sorcery and the Evil Eye.

Tincture of Coral:

1. Cook a Piece of Red Coral in a Pot of melted Wax for two Days.

2. When the red Colour has been transferred to the Wax, add another Piece of Coral and continue heating until the Colour of the second Piece of Coral has been transferred to the Wax.

3. Remove the Coral and allow the Wax to harden.

4. Break the Wax into small Particles and steep in Alcohol until the Liquid becomes red.

5. Strain out the wax.

6. Use the Liquid to induce Perspiration and Diuretic Action.

Toad Stone. The Toad Stone is believed to be found in the Head of a Toad. It is generally described as a black Pebble, and it is used as an Antidote for Poison. If set in an open Setting and worn on the Finger, it burns the Skin if Poison is near. It protects Children from Fairies. It is also a Cure for diseased Kidneys and Stomach Disorders.

Topaz. The Topaz derives its Name from the Greek Topazos. It is a transparent precious Stone of clear yellow, but at Times can be yellowish-white, blue, pink, Golden, reddish, white, greenish and Wine-coloured. It is associated with Scorpio, Aries, Leo, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius, but should be avoided by those born under Pisces and Virgo. Its Power increases as the Moon increases. The Topaz gives Protection to Warriors, has the Quality to put Demons to Flight, and vanquishes the Evil Spells of Sorcerers. It is used for divining of Water and Treasure. It is akin in its influence to Amber, and is said to ward off Chest and Rheumatic Troubles. It aids in achieving a kindly Disposition, Love and Affection, protects from foul Air, protects Travellers against being burned or scalded, banishes the Terrors of the Night, protects the Wearer during Epidemics, soothes wild Passions, gives a glimpse of the Beyond, banishes the Fear of Death, secures a painless Passing from this Life to the Next, prevents Stomach and Chest Ailments, gives Strength to the Intellect, enables the Wearer to receive Impressions from Astral Sources, preserves against Drowning, eases Haemorrhage, cures Gout and Insanity, calms Anger, improves Intelligence, sharpens Wits, bestows Happiness, and drives away Moodiness and Fears. It loses its Colour in the Presence of Poisons. It has the Power to quench boiling Water. Wear a Topaz engraved with a flying Falcon to secure Favour with Kings, Princes, Nobles and important People. A Topaz engraved with a Man holding a Lamp is a Charm for acquiring Riches. It is used for Troubles of the Sexual System and the Mucous Membranes. It cures Asthma and prevents Insomnia, when powdered and drunk with Wine. To dream of Topazes is a Symbol of Movement, Protection from Harm, Poisons, etc.

Tourmaline. The Tourmaline derives its Name from the French. It is a Crystalline Mineral, used as a Gemstone. There are brown, Amber, Cinnamon, Lilac, grey, blue-grey, Water green and parti-coloured specimens. It is a Magnetic Stone, associated with Gemini.. Tourmaline is a Symbol of Wisdom, Strength of Mind, Eloquence, Learning, and the Power of Knowledge. It is a Stone for the Author, Poet, Editor, and Teacher. To dream of Tourmalines means Success through Knowledge.

Varieties of Tourmaline:

Achroite Colourless

Brazilian Emerald Green

Brazilian Peridot Yellow-green

Brazilian Sapphire Blue

Ceylon Peridot Honey-yellow

Indicolite Indigo blue

Rubellite Pink and rosy red

Schorl, Shcirl, Shcoerl, Shirl, Shorl Black Tourmaline

Siberite Red-violet

Turquoise/Turkey Stone. The Turquoise derives its Name from the French word for "Turkish." It is a blue or blue-green Stone, which can be waxen, opaque, or translucent; a great Deal depends on the Health of the Person who wears it. It is associated with Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Stone is sensitive to Weather Changes and its Colour is affected by the State of the Atmosphere. By changing Colour, it also warns of Misfortune or approaching Death, but only when the Stone is given as a Gift. Turquoise is a Symbol of Fairness and Justice, and a Stone of Dreams, Horses, Philosophy, Religion, etc. The Stone must be worn in Contact with the Skin. The Turquoise brings Love and Courage, protects against Violence in Thought and Deed, and reduces Bodily and Mental Tensions. It helps to protect from Misfortune or Danger, but it would be unwise for another Person to wear it should it be taken from the Body of Someone who has died. In that contingency it would be better to have it repolished and reset in a different Form; e. g., if it had been in a Ring formerly, have it reset in a Brooch. To escape Evil and attain good Fortune, see the Reflection of the new Moon on the Stone. The Turquoise brings Love and Courage, relieves or prevents Headache, pacifies Hatred, protects from Poison and Reptile Bites, prevents Accidents to the Eye, destroys Demons., protects Horsemen from Accidents, protects the Virtue of young Girls, helps to resist Weakness, Evils, and Temptations, and induces Wealth and Monetary Advantages. It is a Charm against the Evil Eye and Evil Thoughts. A Horseman carrying or wearing a Turquoise will find his Steed sure-footed and needs have no Fears of Injury by a Fall. Pieces placed in Firearms or Bows are Charms for Trueness of Aim. As a Loving Gift, the Turquoise carries true Fortune and sweet Happiness. It is a Remedy for Cataracts and other Eye Troubles. It helps Diseases of the Hip when reduced to a Paste and bound flat to the Part affected. It is a Lung Medicine, not to be taken internally.

Venus Stones. Venus Stones are green Stones, such as Emerald, Green Beryl, and Jade. They are lucky for those born under Taurus or Libra.

Zircon. The Zircon derives its Name from the Persian Zar, Golden. It is a Crystalline Silicate, associated with Virgo, Taurus and Aquarius. It attracts Fame and Fortune. It is considered to be a Wishing Stone. It also protects against Accidents and Natural Disasters.

Zodiacal Planetary Stones. When casting Spells, use the correct Stone for the Sign of whichever Zodiac Planet rules the particular Hour and Day chosen.

Jupiter Blue Stones: Blue Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Turquoise

Mars Red Stones: Jasper, Ruby, Topaz

Mercury Neutral Colours: Agate, Amethyst, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Sardonyx

Moon Whitish Stones: Beryl, Crystal, Opal, Quartz

Saturn Black Stones: Black Diamond, Jet, Obsidian, Onyx

Sun Gold or yellow Stones: Chrysolite, Diamond, Sunstone, Tiger Eye, Topaz

Venus Green Stones: Aventurine, Emerald, Peridot