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The Magickal Properties of Gemstones

(Gemstones E Through P)

Emerald. The Emerald derives its Name from the Greek Smaragdos. It is a precious Stone of the Beryl Type, associated with Taurus, Gemini, Pisces and Cancer. The Emerald is a Symbol of Incorruptibility and Triumph over Sin, of Eternal Spring, and of true Happiness. It is a Preserver of Chastity; it fractures if Chastity is violated. The Emerald protects Women in childbirth. It is worn by Men as a Charm against Spiritual and Mental Weakness. It is ideal for divinatory Purposes, as it brings Precognition and the Ability to see the Future. It nurtures Love and Beauty, and turns all negative Spells Back to the Sender. The Emerald brings Courage, Faith in Immortality, and Protection from Pestilence. It reveals Treachery and Falsehood. Worn by a Woman, it helps her to attract true Love, and, worn by a Man, it will attract a loving Wife. Should it be given to Another and the Love between them grows cold, then the Colour of the Stone will change from bright to dull. If an Emerald is not powerful enough to prevent Misfortune, it will fall out of its Setting. The Emerald sharpens the wits, confers Riches, defeats Witchcraft, protects from Spells and Sorcery, and brings a bountiful harvest and Mental Tranquillity. It cures unnatural Thirst, Stomach Trouble, Jaundice, Liver Troubles, Obstructions, Gravel, Stricture, Bodily Pains and Epilepsy. An Eye Stone, the Emerald treats Eye Diseases; bathe the Eye in Water in which Emeralds have been steeped for six Hours. Or powder the Stone, and place an extremely small Quantity in the Eye at regular Intervals. A Serpent which looks at an Emerald will go blind. Ashes of burnt Emeralds cure Ulcers. To dream of Emeralds is a Sign of worldly Benefit and Goodness. Emerald mines are guarded by Demons and Griffins.

Enhydros/Hydrolite. The Enhydros derives its Name from the Greek Hydros, Water. It is associated with Pisces. A Water Stone; Water can clearly be seen within its Crystal Cover. The Water is said to be highly Poisonous.

Enstatite/Green Garnet. The Enstatite is a Silicate of Magnesium, not as hard as Opal. It occurs in grey, brown, yellow, colourless, and chiefly green. It is associated with Gemini. A Talisman of Enstatite is to be used when Examinations, Arguments, Debates and all Contests of the Mind are employed.

Epidote/Cinnamon Stone/Hessonite. The Epidote is a Garnet of reddish brown or cinnamon Colour. It is protective for Virgins born under Virgo.

Euclase. The Euclase is a Silicate of Aluminium and Beryllium, related to the Emerald. It is glassy and extremely brittle. It comes in varying Shades of pale blue and pale green, and is sometimes colourless. It is associated with Taurus. The Euclase is a Love Talisman, if worn rough.

Flint. The Flint derives its Name from the Old English. It is a semi-translucent Variety of Chalcedony, in greyish white, grey, black, light brown, red and yellow. It is associated with Sagittarius. The Flint is used for making the first Incision in a dead Body prior to Embalming. A Flint Arrowhead is effective against Poison, Witchcraft and Evil Wishes. A Flint with a Hole in it on a String hinders Nightmares. It is tied to a Stable Key to keep Witches from riding the Horses.

Garnet. The Garnet derives its Name from the Latin Granatum. It is a hard, Glass-like Mineral, in appearance somewhat like an inferior Ruby. It is usually red in Colour but can also be black, brown or green. Red, Ruby red, Hyacinth red, Columbine red and brownish red are associated with Sagittarius. Pale green, Cinnamon and Amber are under Virgo. Deep red, black and green are under Aquarius. It is also associated with Aries and Capricorn. The Virgo Types are a Health Talisman. The Aquarius Types are a Talisman of Love, Faithfulness and Stability, Hope, Happiness and true Friendship. The Garnet attracts Purity, Sincerity and Understanding. It protects from Lightning and from Evil, and guards against Wounds and Nightmares. It assures Constancy in Friendship and Love, and it promotes Devotion and Loyalty. The Garnet aids Psychic Development and Occult Understanding. It banishes Plagues and Poison, and changes Colour when Danger or Mishap threaten the Wearer. It is said to ward off inflammatory Diseases and to promote a healthy and cheery Disposition.

Hematite. The Hematite derives its Name from the Greek Haimatities, bloodlike. It is a reddish brown, steely grey and Iron black Iron ore, associated with Aries. The Hematite is said to be made of Dragonís Blood. It is a Remedy for Burns, inflamed Eyes, and bilious Attacks. It cures Headache, Kidney Problems, and Afflictions of the Bladder, and heals dangerous Wounds and Bites of Serpents. The Hematite serves as a Check to Female Disorders.


Colour Term Planet Gemstone

Black Sable Saturn Diamond

Blood Red Sanguine Moonís South Node Sardonyx

Blue Azure Jupiter Sapphire

Green Vert Venus Emerald

Orange Tenny Moonís North Node Jacinth

Purple Purpure Mercury Amethyst

Red Gules Mars Ruby

White/Silver Argent Moon Pearl

Yellow/Gold Or Sun Topaz

Hornstone/Chert. The Hornstone is a fragile Flint. It is associated with Taurus. The Hornstone is an Eye Stone.

Hyacinth/Jacinth. The Hyacinth derives its Name from the Greek Hyakinthos. It is a brilliant Zircon of a transparent red, yellow, or ruddy cinnamon Colour, associated with Virgo. The Hyacinth is especially favourable for Aquarians, but less fortunate for Taureans. It is electric, attracting Fluff, and exhibits Phosphorescence. It should always be set in Gold. It is said to render the Wearer extremely fascinating. The Hyacinth is a Charm against Bowel Disorders, and as a Mental Tonic and a Strengthener of the Mind against Temptations. It promises bountiful Harvests to the Farmer, protects the Wearer from Melancholy and Poison, and draws Love. It is a Protection for Travellers, brings Riches, and counters Magick Spells. The Hyacinth is a Cure for Insomnia when worn in a small brown Bag suspended over the Solar Plexus. It renders the Wearer pleasant and acceptable; and it is conducive to gaining Money. Held in the Mouth, it cheers the Heart and strengthens the Mind. The Wearer can pass unharmed through Places infected with Fever and Pestilence. It grows dull when stormy Weather approaches. The Colour also changes with the Health of the Wearer. To dream of Hyacinths is a Protection against approaching Worries, and indicates Triumph.

Hypersthene. The Hypersthene is a Silicate of Magnesium and Iron, of brown-green, grey, greenish-black, and brown. It is associated with Scorpio.

India Moss. If a Woman drinks Water in which the India Moss has been soaked, she will never be sterile. It brings good Harvests, and stops Illness.

Iolite/Cordierite/Water Sapphire. The Iolite is a smoky blue and yellowish-grey Stone. It is associated with Aquarius. The Iolite is a Stone of Friendship and friendly Help. It benefits the Eyesight and is an Aid to high Thoughts.

Iris. The Iris derives its Name from the Greek Iris, Rainbow. It is also known as Rainbow Quartz.

Jade/Kidney Stone/Nephrite. The Jade derives its Name from the Spanish Piedra de la Ijada, Stone of the Side (it is said to cure Pains in the Side.) It is a hard, greenish ornamental Gemstone. It is associated with Virgo, Libra and Aquarius. The Jade is a Stone that has been considered sacred for Centuries, bringing good Luck and Protection from Disease and Evil Spirits. It is the concentrated Element of Love, which protects the Infant and the Adult. It is the Emblem of Beauty, Protection and Charm, and is symbolic of Serenity, Immortality, Benevolence, Knowledge, Virtue, Purity, Simplicity, Moral Conduct, and Musicality. When vibrated, it produces Musical Notes, and it is regarded as expressive of Music and Harmony. The Jade brings Success, Health and long Life. It is a Charm against Hysteria. It gives the Wearer the Gift of making good Judgement. A bracelet of Jade is a sure Protection against all Diseases of the Loins and the Kidneys. It preserves the Bodies of the Dead from Decay. Buried with the Dead, it protects the Fortunes of the Family. In Sickness, the Heat of the Body draws out Virtues from the Jade, healing, soothing and protecting Life. It is a Cure for Gravel and Epilepsy, and a Charm against Animal Bites and Poisonous Reptiles. It removes Thirst and Hunger, cures Heartburn and Asthma and affects favourably the Voice, Organs of the Throat, the Liver and the Blood. It also improves Hair.

Jargoon. The Jargoon is a greyish or smoky Zircon, closely resembling a Diamond, associated with Virgo. It is used as a Talisman against Plagues and Disease. Worn on the little Finger in a Silver Ring, the Jargoon helps the Physician to correct Diagnoses, especially if, when in Doubt, the Stone is held against the Forehead, between the Eyes.

Jasper. The Jasper derives its Name from the Greek Iaspis. It is a Mineral of Quartz Basis, which can be almost any Colour, although white, yellow and pink somewhat predominate. It includes dark Colours of red, green, yellow and black. The Riband Variety has mixed and striped Colours of concentric irregular Zones. Ruin Jasper occurs in darker Shades of brown and yellow. Lapis Lydius, or Lydian Stone, also Basanite and Touchstone, is a velvety black flinty Jasper. Heliotrope is green with red Spots. A Heliotrope placed before the Eyes assists in the Observation of Eclipses. Mottled Jasper protects from Death by Drowning, or from Death whilst on or near Water. Red Jasper prevents Soldiers from being wounded, and stops Bleeding from Wounds. Red Jasper also prevents Evil from Fascination (Evil Eye.) The Jasper is associated with Scorpio, Virgo and Sagittarius. It can protect from Pain and guard oneís Independence. It brings good Fortune and Protection from the controlling influence of others. It is said to bring inspirational Warnings when there is any Danger of unfair Domination from other People. The Jasper drives away Evil, and brings Joy and Happiness, it calms uneasy Minds and secures Victory in Battle, and it induces Caution and the Evading of needless Risks. The Jasper cures acute Stomach and Bowel Pain. A green Jasper carved with the Image of a burly Man holding Herbs in his right Hand is good against Fevers, and increases the Physicianís Abilities to distinguish Diseases and know the proper Remedies. It is also good for Haemorrhoids and Stopping the flow of Blood. An Aquarius cut on a green Jasper is good Luck in Buying and Selling. A Manís Head facing a Bird holding a Leaf in its Beak, cut into Jasper, gives Riches and Favour. A Hare cut in Jasper protects from Evil Spirits. To dream of Jaspers symbolises Loveís Faithfulness.

Jet. The Jet derives its Name from Gagas, a town in Asia Minor. It is a Variety of Coal, of deeper Colour and higher Lustre. It is highly electrical. Axinomancy is a Form of Magick in which a Piece of Jet is placed on a red-hot Axe, prophesying Events according to the Burning of the Substance. Burned Jet drives away Serpents. Burning Jet Fumes also cure Head Colds. The Fumes are potent for Female Disorders. The Jet is useful to ease Hysteria, Epilepsy, and Loss of Virginity. It is used in Magickal Ceremonies involving the Dead, as a Charm against Evil Magick, Spells and Envy. It cools Passion, protects against Evil Influences and Nightmares, and banishes Melancholy. The Jet is a Protection for Travellers. Powdered Jet in Wine cures Toothache, with Wax cures Scrofula, with Beeswax cures Tumours, and with Stag Marrow is a Shield against Serpent Bite. Jet is a Cure for Dropsy, Colds, Chills and Loss of Hair. It also prevents Suffering. It is effective against Troubles of the Brain and Nerves. It cures Hysteria and drives away Snakes, Demons, and Evil Spells. To dream of Jets signifies Sadness.

Jupiter Stones. Jupiter Stones are any blue Stones, such as Blue Amethyst, Blue Diamond, Blue Jasper, Sapphire, and Turquoise. They are lucky for those born under Sagittarius and Pisces.

Kauri Gum. Kauri Gum is a Gum of light Amber Colour exuded from the Kauri Pine (Dammara australis) of New Zealand. It is obtained by digging over Spots where Trees once grew. It is found in Lumps the size of a Soccer Ball. Kauri Gum is softer and less durable than Amber. It is associated with Taurus. It is a Substitute for Amber in Throat Troubles, Asthma, Hay Fever, and Glandular Swellings.

Kyanite/Disthene/Rhoetizite. Kyanite comes in a Variety of Colours, including light blue, blue and white, grey, white, grey-green and black. White Specimens are called Rhoetizite. The Kyanite is found in long, thin blade-like Crystals. It is associated with Aquarius.

Labradorite/Labrador Stone. The Labradorite derives its Name from Labrador, Canada. It is an opalescent grey-blue Feldspar of extraordinary gleam, often reflecting green, yellow and red. It is associated with Aquarius.

Lapis Armenis/Armenian Stone. The Lapis Armenis derives its Name from the Latin for Stone of Armenia. It is a Copper Carbonite. The Lapis Armenis is used as a Medicine against Infection, and protects against Cholera.

Lapidus Fulmonis/Cuogni di Truoni. The Lapidus Fulmonis derives its Name from the Latin for Thunder Stone. Thunder Stones are believed to be formed by the Lightning in the Clouds. The belief is that they are plunged by the Lightning Stroke six feet Into the Earth and that every Time it thunders they are drawn one Foot nearer the Surface. After the sixth or seventh Storm it is said that the Stones are raised to the Surface. They are treasured as a potent Talisman against Lightning Strokes.

Lapis Lazuli/Armenian Stone/Azure Gem/Lapis/Stellatus/Zemech Lazarilli/Zumemo Lazuli. The Lapis Lazuli derives its Name from the Latin for Azure Stone. It is an azure, opaque, semi-precious Stone. It is associated with Sagittarius and Aquarius, and unlucky for Cancer and Capricorn. The Lapis Lazuli has the Qualities of attracting powerful and highly evolved Spirits. The Possessor is endowed with great supernatural Powers. It wards off Trouble of every Kind. It is a true Stone of Friendship and the Affection arising from Friendship. It attracts Friends, gains Favours, realises Hopes, and attracts Divine Protection. The Lapis Lazuli protects against Injuries, especially of the Ankles. Placed on the Neck of a Child, it reduces Fever. It is potent for Eye Troubles; place a Specimen in a Bowl of warm Water for several Minutes, then bathe the affected Eye with the Water. Place a warm Lapis Lazuli on Swellings or Seats of Pain. It is a Cure for Ague, Melancholy, Disorders of the Blood, neuralgic Afflictions, Spasms, Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Skin Diseases, Blood Troubles, and Ailments of the Spleen. The powdered Form treats Gallstones, Insomnia, Fever and Melancholy.

Lapis Memphiticus/Stone of Memphis. The Lapis Memphiticus derives its Name from the Latin for Stone of Memphis. It is a sparkling round Body of about the size of a Hazelnut. It deadens the Pain of Surgery if taken in Wine and Water. Reduced to Powder and applied as an Ointment to that Part of the Body to which a Surgeon is about to apply either Fire or Knife, it produces insensibility to Pain.

Limonite. The Limonite is a Species of brown Hematite, associated with Aries.

Lodestone/Magnetite. The Lodestone derives its Name from the Old English Lad, Course, for its Association with Magnetism and the Compass. It is a black Iron Ore of Magnetic Quality, associated with Scorpio. The Lodestone drives away Melancholy, eases Pain in the Hands and Feet, improves the Memory when worn around the Neck, protects from Evil Fascination, and promises good Luck. Knife Blades made from the Lodestone are Poisonous, and will kill Anyone wounded by them. An Onion will destroy the Power of a Lodestone. Holding a Lodestone to the Head, the Voices of the Gods can be heard, Heavenly Knowledge gained and Divine Things seen. It endows Strength, Will and the Ability to look into the Future. It protects against Shipwreck. The Lodestone is a Cure for Gout and rheumatism Cramp. It is used during Childbirth and in Diseases of the Generative Organs. Finely powdered and mixed with Oil or Grease, it is regarded as a Cure for Baldness. Pairs of Lodestones are often used in Magickal Spells in Order to supply an attractive Agency.

Luz/Luez. The Luz is a Stone or indestructible Bone in the Human Backbone.

Malachite. The Malachite is a Carbonate of Copper that can be green, black or white. It is associated with Sagittarius and Libra, but it is also said to be unlucky for Libra, and for Aries. The Malachite is a Symbol of Children and of Spring. It is favourable for Sea Travellers, Explorers, Missionaries and those who are adventurous. It increases the Sorcery of the Bearer, gives Power over Others, and protects from Sorcery. If engraved with the Symbols of the Sun, the Malachite becomes even more powerful. It Charms the Wearer to Sleep, protects against Lightning, and bestows Strength on Children, to aid them during Teething, to ward off Convulsions, all Harm, Witchcraft, and the Evil Eye. The Malachite strengthens the Stomach, Head and Kidneys, prevents Vertigo and Rupture, and saves the Wearer from Evil Magick, Seduction, Falls and Accidents. It is effective against Cholera and Rheumatism. Powdered Malachite is effective against Heart Problems.

Mandarinsí Jewels Each of the nine Mandarins of China (Khioupings) proclaims his Rank by a distinctive Button of about an Inch in Diameter worn at the Top of his Cap, and distinguishing Dress and Insignia. They are divided into Civilian and Military Sections. I. The chief Officers wear a Ruby on the Cap. The Military wear a Robe on which is embroidered a Unicorn, the Girdle being adorned with a Jade Clasp set in Ruby. The Civilian Mandarin is distinguished by a Crane embroidered on both Back and Front of the Robe.

II. Those of the second Order wear a Coral Button in their Caps. The Military are distinguished by an embroidered Lion and a Gold Girdle Clasp inset with Rubies, the Civilian by a Golden Pheasant.

III. Those of the third Order wear a Sapphire. The Military display a Leopard and a Clasp of wrought Iron, the Civilian a Peacock.

IV. Those of the fourth Order wear an opaque blue Stone. The Military wear a Tiger and Silver Button, the Civilians wear a wild Goose.

V. Those of the fifth Order wear a Crystal. The Military wear a Bear and a plain Gold Clasp with Silver Button, the Civilians a Silver Pheasant.

VI. Those of the sixth Order wear an opaque white Shell. The Military wear a Tiger Cat and Mother of Pearl, the Civilians an Egret.

VII. Those of the seventh Order wear a wrought Gold Button. The Military wear a Bear and a Silver Clasp, Civilians a Mandarin Duck.

VIII. Those of the eighth Order wear a Silver Button. The Military wear a Seal and a Horn Clasp, the Civilians a Quail.

IX. Those of the ninth Order wear a Silver Button. The Military wear a Rhinoceros and a Clasp of Buffalo Horn, Civilians a Long-Tailed Jay.

Marble. The Marble derives its Name from the Greek Marmaros, white Stone. It is a hard Limestone, white or coloured, which takes a strong Shine. It is associated with Gemini. Pure white Marble is an Emblem of Purity. It is also an Emblem of Immortality, and an Ensurer of Success in Education.

Mars Stones. Mars Stones are any red Stones, including Bloodstone, Red Jasper, and Ruby. They are lucky for those born under Aries and Scorpio.

Median Stone. The Median Stone is a mysterious Stone, described as of a black Colour. It heals, but it also slays Enemies.

Meerschaum/Keffekill/Kefidarya/Kiffekiefe/Myrsen/Sepiolite. The Meerschaum derives its Name from the German for Sea Foam. It is a Clay-like, heat-resistant Material, extremely soft and light, and smooth to the Touch, in white, grey-white, yellow, and pinkish. It is associated with Gemini. It is used as a Soap, and for making smoking Pipes.

Mercury Stones. Mercury Stones are any Stones of mixed or neutral Colours, such as Agate, Chalcedony, Red-and-White Carnelian, and Sardonyx. They are lucky for those born under Gemini and Virgo.

Molochite. The Molochite is a clear green Jade, opaque of Hue with the vivid green of the Emerald. It protects Babies from Harm, gives Luck and Beauty and opposes the Spite of Witchcraft.

Moon Stones. Moon Stones are any clear or whitish Stones, including Diamond, Mother of Pearl, Opal, Rock Crystal, and White Beryl. They are lucky for those born under Cancer.

Moonstone. The Moonstone is an opalescent Feldspar, associated with Cancer. It is a Stone of Love and of Hope. It protects Love and inspires tender Passions. It is good Fortune if wrapped in a yellow Cloth. The Moonstone enables the Wearer to prophesy in the Waning of the Moon and to Love in the Waxing. Held in the Mouth under a Waning Moon, it enables a Person to know the Future, obtain Spiritual Guidance, and obtain Mental Inspiration. It brings Lovers Back together after a Quarrel. It cools heated Imaginations and protects against Moonstroke and Lunacy and from Danger on the Ocean. It gives good Fortune whilst travelling. It is a Charm against Cancer, Dropsy and Afflictions of a Watery Nature. If applied to the Temples, the Moonstone reduces Fever and protects the Patient. As a Dream Symbol, it indicates Travel and Health Ė good when the Stone is bright and clear, bad when it is dark and lustreless.

Moss Agate/Mocha Stone/Mocus/Scotch Pebble/Tree Agate. The Moss Agate is a semi-precious Stone which has Bands of Colour running through it, sometimes green or blue, sometimes yellow, sometimes brown or dark red. It exhibits Plant and Moss-like Infiltrations like Frost Crystals. For Taureans the Moss Agate with a dark blue Band running through it would be favourable, whilst Geminis could also wear this Stone if it has a yellow Band running through it. A green Band would be more favourable for Cancers, and a brown or dark red Band for Scorpios. The Moss Agate is a very fortunate Stone. It is a Symbol of good Health and long Life. It is said to assist in the Making and Keeping of Friends and is helpful to Farmers and all those interested in Agriculture, Horticulture and Floriculture. It is a Sign of Fertility, and so is tied to Fruit Trees, to the Harnesses of Horses and to the Horns of Cattle. It is used for Luck in Rings, often surrounded by Rubies. It is used for Mourning as an Emblem of Resurrection and Eternal Life. It is greatly used by Physicians and Apothecaries as a Basis of Medicinal Preparations. To dream of Moss Agates symbolises an Increase of Possessions.

Nacre/Mother of Pearl. The Nacre derives its Name from the Arabic Naqqarah, small Kettledrum. It is associated with Cancer. Inscribed with a Prayer, the Nacre protects the Wearer from internal Ailments.

Obsidian. The Obsidian derives its Name from Obsidius, the alleged Discoverer. It is a Volcanic Glass of black, pink, green, grey, striped and spotted, associated with Aquarius. The Obsidian is useful for fashioning Knives and Mirrors.

Onyx/Onyx Stone The Onyx derives its Name from the Greek for Fingernail. A type of Agate, it can be white or black, or have red or white or dark brown Markings. The Sardonyx is a Variety. It favours Cancers, Leos and Capricorns. The Onyx of Cancer is white, of Capricorn is black. It is ideal for a Girl born under Cancer, but unlucky for Libra and Aries. The Onyx preserves against the Bites of Snakes and Venomous Insects, and assists in bringing Marital Happiness. It protects against Wizardry, but it causes Nightmares, cools the Ardour of Love, provokes Discord between Friends and Lovers, and makes its Owner sleep fitfully and have Nightmares. A white Onyx carved with a Figure of Venus is a Talisman of Beauty and Strength.

Opal/Orphan. The Opal derives its Name from the Sanskrit Upalah, precious Stone. It is a cloudy white precious Stone; when it catches the Light it can flash with a Rainbow of Colours. It is associated with Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. When worn by those born under Leo, Libra or Aquarius, it bestows Beauty. The Opal is considered very dangerous for those who are not in Tune with it. It is mystical by Nature, and brings good Luck and extra Mental Powers. It can also interfere with Love and Marriage. To those whose Birthstone it is, it will Help to give second Sight or Clairvoyance, and will strengthen their Psychic Faculties. The Opal increases the Power of the Mind, and cures many Diseases, puts a Curse on Someone disliked by the Owner, leads to Success in Negotiations with Neighbouring Nations, and bestows the Gift of Invisibility. The Opal favours Children, the Theatre, Amusements, Friendships, and Feelings. It is an Eye Stone, especially when wrapped in a Bay Leaf; held between the Eyes, it gives proper direction to the Thoughts. Held in the left Eye and gazed upon, it favours the Desire. It is a Stone of Hope and Achievement. When its Play of Colours is good, it betokens good Fortune and Safety in Travel; if the Colours are dull, it is a Warning of Failure and Disappointment. The Opal bears the Spirit of Truth. It gives the Power of foretelling Future Events. Above all, it is a Stone of Love, but if the Lover is false its Influence is reversed. It protects the Wearer from Cholera, Kidney Troubles, and similar Diseases, soothes the Heart, Eyes and the Nerves, and protects from Lightning. It is particularly harmonious with Diamonds. Varieties of Opal:

Cacholong. The Cacholong is an opaque white or bluish-white Opal which glistens like Mother of Pearl. It sticks to the Tongue when touched by it. It is a Stone of pure Friendship, Sincerity and Truth.

Float Stone. The Float Stone is a porous Opal which floats on Water. Lovers join Hands over a Float Stone floating on a Vessel of Water and pledge their Troth. Misfortune will strike the faithless one.

Hyalite. The Hyalite is a transparent Glass-like Opal. It is one of the most esteemed Eye Stones.

Menilite. The Menilite is a Variety of Slate. Also called Liver Stone, it has a Talismanic Action on that Organ.

Opal Jasper. The Opal Jasper is a Jasper-like, dark red Opal. It is the Opal of beautiful Wisdom.

Tabasheer. The Tabasheer is an Opal found in the Joints of certain Malay Bamboos. Those who wear it will not perish by Steel. It is a powerful Eye Stone and Remover of Past Fears, Present Dreads and Future Anxieties.

Ophites/Snake Stones. Ophites are grey or black coloured, hard, weighty, portentous Balls surrounded by furrowed Lines in many a mazy Bend. They are extracted from the Head of a Snake. The Ophite cures Snake Bite; it is said to absorb the Poison if applied to the Bite with a little Blood before the Poison has had Time to invade the System.

Orite. The Orite is a black, round Stone. If mixed with Oil of Roses, it will cure fatal Wounds. It protects from wild Animals and prevents Childbirth.

Ovum Anguinum. The Ovum Anguinum is a Druidic Badge the size of an Apple, surrounded by a grisly Crust covered with Protuberances like the Suckers on the Arms of a Cuttle Fish. At a certain Season of the Year, a Crowd of Snakes is found intertwined and, bearing above them, the Magickal Ovum, which the Hunter has to catch in some soft Material before it tumbles to Earth, or it will lose its Power. As soon as the Hunter seizes the Magickal Stone the Serpents rush after him and his Fate is sealed if they reach him before he crosses a flowing Stream.