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The Magickal Properties of Gemstones

(Gemstones, A Through D)

Although Gemstones have been said to have Magickal Abilities, it is often the User’s Belief that has brought about the Outcome ascribed to the Stone. Below are a few Aspects of the supposed Magickal Uses of Gemstones. Unless you are properly attuned to the Stone, it may not work as desired. No one can guarantee that any Stone will work as described.

Most Gemstones are natural Minerals, but such Stones as the Amber, Coal, Coral, Jet, Nacre and Pearl are organic. Still, they have their own particular Efficacies.

Abraxas Stone. The Abraxas Stone is a Stone used by the Gnostics. It is also ssociated with Jasper, Plasma, Sard, Lodestone and Chal- cedony.

Agate. The Agate derives its Name from the Greek Achates. It is a variegated Chalcedonic Variety of Quartz, formed of coloured Layers, remarkable for the Beauty and Peculiarity of its Patterns. When the Bands are straight or ribbony, the Agate is called Ribbon Agate; when zigzag, it is called Fortification Agate; when the Lines follow the Form of an Eye, it is called Eye Agate. Eye Agate is excellent for the Seer or Prophet to hold, as it symbolises the Third Eye. The Agate is associated with Scorpio, Taurus and Gemini. It attracts Peace, Victory in Games, Happiness and good Luck. It takes away the Terror of the Ocean. It is potent in seeking Divine Aid, Thunder, Tempests, and Wars of the Elements. The Agate protects Children from Falls and Accidents, and protects from the Bites of Serpents and Insects. It is a Charm against Poison, Epidemics, Pestilential Diseases, Fevers, Epilepsy, and Insanity. It is bound to the Horns of Oxen to induce a good Harvest. It banishes Fear, Indigestion and Lung Trouble. The Agate, especially the Eye Agate, cures tired Eyes, bestows on the Wearer Strength and Health, and inclines him to Grace and Eloquence. Placing an Agate in Wine improves the Flavour of the Wine. Powdered and bound on Wounds, it heals them. In powdered Form, mixed with Fruit Juice, it is a Cure for Insanity. The Powder hardens tender Gums and arrests Bleeding. An Agate held in the Mouth quenches Thirst and soothes Fever. It is prescribed for Haemorrhage, the Spitting of Blood, Boils, Ulcers, Gravel and Afflictions of the Spleen and Kidneys. To dream of Agates denotes a Sea Journey. Varieties of Agate: Black Agate The Black Agate brings Prosperity and Victory in Games. Brown Agate The Brown Agate gives Riches, long Life and Happiness, Victory in War, Protection against all Poisonous Snake Bites, Success in Love, good Health, Wealth, Happiness, and increased Intelligence. Green Agate The Green Agate cures Eye Diseases. Red Agate The Red Agate gives Peace, Protection against all Poisonous Insects, and Lightning.

Alabaster. The Alabaster derives its Name from the Greek Alabastros, a Fume Vase. Alabaster is a white Variety of Gypsum, associated with Cancer. It is compared to the Purity of the Soul. Alabaster is a Charm against Accidents, especially whilst travelling, for securing Public Favour, and for Success in Legal Affairs.

Alectorius. The Alectorius is a Stone never bigger than a large Bean, taken from a Cock. It is like a very bright Crystal, and may be a white Topaz. It is associated with Scorpio. It gives great Strength; gives a Wife Favour in her Husband’s Eyes; banishes Thirst; bestows Eloquence and persuasive Power, and brings domestic Peace, Harmony, Victory and Honour.

Alexandrite. The Alexandrite is a Variety of Chrysoberyl. It changes its Colour according to the Light; by Daylight, it is an Olive or green Colour, by artificial Light, a Columbine or Raspberry red. It is associated with Aquarius. The Alexandrite is an Emblem of loyal Regard. To dream of Alexandrites is a Symbol of Struggle and Pro- gress.

Amazonite. The Amazonite is a green Variety of Feldspar, associated with Cancer. It is also associated with the Amazons and Diana, or Selene, the Moon.

Amber. The Amber derives its Name from the Arabic ‘Anbar, Ambergris. t is a brownish-yellow Fossil Vegetable Resin used in Jewellery, etc., associated with Leo and Taurus. The Amber is especially fortunate when worn as a Necklace and, being a yellow Stone, is most applicable to Leos and will aid them in the furthering of their Ambitions as regards Children. It is a Charm against the Evil Eye, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Evil caused by Spirits, Fever, Rheumatism, Toothache, Head- ache, Rickets, Jaundice, all internal Ailments, Ulcers, Boils, Car- buncles, Deafness, Delirium, Catarrh, and the Loss of loose Teeth. When worn upon the Neck, it is a Cure for Fever and other Diseases. It is useful for the Cure of Asthma, Hay Fever, Croup and other Throat Diseases, Jaundice, Goitre, Fits, Dysentery, Scrofula, Nervous Afflic- tions, Vertigo, Catarrhs, Diseases of the Heart, Plagues, Venoms, and Contagions. The Powder, taken with Gum Mastic or by itself with Water, is a Remedy for Diseases of the Stomach. Powdered Amber can be mixed with Honey and Oil of Roses to cure Earache or Blindness. Mixed with Water, the Amber relieves Stomach Pains and helps the Kidneys and Liver.

Amethyst. The Amethyst derives its Name from the Greek Amethystos, not intoxicated (relating to its Quality of rendering the Wearer safe from overindulging in Alcohol.) It is a kind of Quartz, in purple, mauve or violet. The Amethyst is associated with Pisces, Aries (especially the violet and purple Variety), Aquarius, and Sagittar- ius. It is a Symbol of Heavenly Understanding, and of the Pioneer in Thought and Action on the Philosophical, Religious, Spiritual and Material Planes. Linked with Saint Valentine, it assists those who wear it to maintain Faithfulness. It causes Peace and Calmness of Mind. It is carried by Soldiers on the Shafts of Spears and on Swords as a Charm against Death; it also brings Calmness and Victory in Battle. It is useful for the Revelation of Prophetic Truth. It strengthens Wisdom, Faith and Religion, and is an Aid in Prayer and in Dreaming. It is a Charm against Witchcraft, Poison (it warns of the Presence of Poison by dimming) and Evil Thoughts; it is an Aid to Chastity, a Power against all Forms of Overindulgence and a Strength- ener of the Mind; it is a Charm for securing the Favour of Princes, Rulers, Churchmen, People of Wealth, Influence and Power, and People with Prophetic Ability, Poets, Travellers, Publishers, etc. Bound to the left Wrist, the Amethyst enables the Wearer to see the Future in Dreams. It represses Evil Thoughts and Actions, gives a keen Busi- ness Sense, and warns of ill Health.. The Amethyst attracts Love and good Luck, and helps to prevent Drunkenness. When engraved with the Names of the Sun and the Moon, it protects against Sorcery; it also brings financial Success, and the Favour of high Officials. A winged Horse cut on an Amethyst is a protective Talisman for Horses and their Riders. Immerse an Amethyst in hot Water, take it out, dry it care- fully, and apply it to Headache or Toothache. To dream of Amethysts indicates Success to a Traveller, Clergyman, Sailor, Philosopher, Teacher or Mystic, also Protection, Faith and fruitful Thoughts.

Apache’s Tears. Apache’s Tears is a black, translucent volcanic Stone and not really a precious Stone. It is a good Luck Charm. It is often used as a Pendant because of its Jewel-like Appearance.

Aquamarine. The Aquamarine derives its Name from the Latin Aqua Marina, Sea Water. It is a bright blue or bright green precious Stone, also sometimes pale blue, bluish green and light Sea green. It is very applicable to Geminis. The Aquamarine is a Symbol of Soc- ial Uplifting and of Purity. It assists Inspiration, and is favour- able for Travellers, Sailors and Adventurers as it helps to protect against Accidents, Danger, and Sickness on a Journey. It leads the Wearer to lost Objects. The Aquamarine preserves Love. It also cures Ailments of the Throat, Jaws, Liver and Stomach. To dream of Aqua- marines is symbolic of loving Friendship.

Beryl/Stone of St. Thomas. The Beryl derives its Name from the Greek Beryllos. It is a very hard Mineral, rather than a precious Stone, of which Emerald and Aquamarine are two Varieties. It is sometimes yel- low, sometimes a pale green, coloured by Iron. The Beryl is associ- ated with Taurus and Venus, and it is especially suitable for Geminis. The Angel of the Beryl is the beautiful and tender Anael. The Beryl is a Symbol of undying Youth. It signifies the Good of Charity and Faith or the Spiritual Love of Truth. A Globe of Beryl is considered the very best for Crystal Gazing. Suspended just to touch the Sur- face of the Water in a Bowl, it will answer Questions by striking the Edges of the Vessel. Thrown into a shallow Dish of Water, Information is gathered from the Reflections seen in Sunlight in the Water. It attracts deep Romance and Love; it can also bring Hope. The Beryl can also have protective Qualities (it can be worn as a Protection against Evil Gossip and Rumour.) It protects against Fascination by Witch- craft. It preserves or increases Love in Marriage. It relieves Troubles of the Liver, Stomach, Throat, and Jaws. To dream of Beryls denotes happy News to come.

Bezoar Stones. Bezoar Stones are Concretions found in the Stomachs of Stags or Goats. They can dislodge Poisons and remove Poisonous Diseases. They are a Remedy for Diseases of the Bladder and of the Kidneys.


By Zodiac Symbol:

Aries Mar 21 – April 20 Diamond

Taurus Apr 21 – May 22 Emerald

Gemini May 23 – Jun 21 Agate

Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 22 Ruby

Leo Jul 23 – Aug 22 Sardonyx

Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22 Sapphire

Libra Sep 23 – Oct 22 Opal

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21 Topaz

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 22 Turquoise

Capricorn Dec 23 – Jan 20 Garnet

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19 Amethyst

Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20 Bloodstone

By Month:

January Garnet

February Amethyst

March Bloodstone or Aquamarine

April Diamond

May Emerald

June Pearl

July Ruby

August Sardonyx or Peridot

September Sapphire

October Opal

November Topaz

December Turquoise

Bloodstone. The Bloodstone derives its Name from its Colour. It is a dark red, semi-precious Stone. It is often confused with the Car- nelian and the Red Hematite. It is associated with Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo. The Bloodstone is the Emblem of Courage; it brings Friends hip, calms angry People and soothes flaring Tempers. It is said to be protective against the Evil Eye and against Depression. Soldiers of Old wore it into Battle, believing it had the Power to stop Bleed- ing. It is also associated with Military Triumph. The Bloodstone is more suitable for Men than for Women, but whoever wears it has a Tal- isman for warding off Disease and Accidents. It brings Success in Litigation. It also stirs the Passions, confers Invincibility, pro- longs Life, brings Wealth and Courage, and drives away Melancholy. The Bloodstone gains the Wearer Fame and Favour from those in high Office. It increases Endurance, and allows the Wearer to succeed in Athletic Games and contests. It cures all Manner of Illnesses con- nected with Bleeding, including internal Haemorrhages, for which it is given in powdered Form. It clears bloodshot Eyes caused by Drink- ing, Snake Bite, Sunstroke and Headache. It also aids Digestion.

Bone Turquoise. Bone Turquoises are Fossil Teeth or Bones coloured blue by the Action of Phosphate or Iron. Bone Turquoise is also called Odontolite. It is associated with Capricorn.

Cairngorm/Scotch Topaz. The Cairngorm is a Variety of Quartz of fine smoky yellow or brown. It is a Martial Stone in Harmony with Scot- land. It is used for cauterising affected Parts of the Body by directing the Sun’s Rays through it. The Cairngorm is carried dur- ing Epidemics as a protective Charm. It bestows Craft and Subtlety on the Wearer. It is also a Talisman against Venereal Diseases and sore Throats.

Calcined. The term "Calcined" is said of a Stone which has been changed to an ashy Powder by Heat.

Carbuncle. The Carbuncle derives its Name from the Latin Carbuncu- lus, a small Coal. It is a dark red precious Stone somewhat after the Style of a Garnet. It varies in Colour from red, Ruby red, Colum- bine red to brownish red. It is believed to shine in the Dark like a burning Coal. It is associated with Sagittarius, but it is also part icularly helpful for Scorpios. The Carbuncle can be worn by Anyone, irrespective of the Birth Month. It represents undying Hope. It is considered an extremely powerful Talisman in Egypt, Arabia and Turkey, and one that is highly favourable to Health, long Life and good For- tune. It will increase the Feeling of Self-Confidence and the Abil- ity to fight through Difficulties. It also provides Physical Well- Being and Energy. The Carbuncle is a Protection against Witchcraft. It also protects Travellers on long Voyages by Sea from Drowning, and by Land from Accident. It resists Poisons and averts Evil Thoughts and Dreams. It is an Uplifter of the Soul and a Preserver of the Health of the Body. It is a helpful Stone for warding off Infections and internal Diseases. When its Lustre changes, the Death of the Wearer is indicated. The Carbuncle dispels Sadness. It protects from Harm and Wounds in Battle. It is regarded as a Health Stimulant. To dream of Carbuncles indicates Aquirement of Wisdom.

Carnelian/Sard. The Carnelian derives its Name from the Latin Carnis, Flesh-Coloured. It is a dark red semi-precious Stone. It is often confused with the Bloodstone and the Red Hematite. It is associated with Leo. The Carnelian is the Stone of Victory. It is extremely sensitive, being affected by Oils and Acids. When exposed to the Rays of the Sun, its Colour brightens. It bestows the Power to see into the Astral Plane if, when placed before a Light for about four Minutes, it is steadily gazed upon. It brings Content to the Wearer; it makes the Soul happy and drives away the Evil effects of Sorcery, Enchantment and Fear; it is used against bad Temper; it detects black Magick. The Carnelian promotes Coolness in Argument and Dignity in Disputes. It promotes Health, long Life, and good Luck. It is used to stop Bleeding, when administered in powdered Form. To dream of Carnelians indicates that the Dreamer has Evil Thoughts directed against him/her.

Cat’s Eye/Catseye. The Cat’s Eye comes in various Colours – yellow- green, yellow-brown, Hyacinth-red, grey, green-grey, etc. It is of a peculiar Opalescence resembling the Eye of a Cat. It is associated with Capricorn. The Cat’s Eye causes Quarrels; a Wife who wears it can expect Trouble with her Husband or Family. It is a Charm for Suc- cess in speculative Ventures. When pressed on the Forehead between the Eyes, it aids Thoughts and helps Foresight. Wrapped in a Woman’s Hair, it is employed as a Birth Charm. It protects against Witch- craft and Death, relieves Asthma and the Croup when worn around the Neck, and brings good Luck to Gamblers and Speculators. It puts Colour into pale Faces, gives Pleasure to the Mind, relieves the Soul of Melancholy, cures chronic Disorders and wasting Diseases, and keeps the Wearer from financial Distress and Ruin. If calcined and ap- plied to Wounds, it heals them. It cures Inflammations of the Eyes, if lightly rubbed on the closed Lids. To dream of Cat’s Eyes is to be warned of Treachery.

Celonite. If a Man bears a Celonite under his Tongue, he can fore- tell the Future.

Chalcedony. The Chalcedony is a translucent, waxy, white, pale grey, light brown, or bluish Stone. Blue Chalcedony is identified with Sapphire. It includes a Number of Variants such as Carnelian, Sard, Agate, Cat’s Eye, Prase, Plasma, Heliotrope, Chrysoprase, Moss Agate, Onyx, Sardonyx, Hornstone, Chert and Flint. It is associated with Cancer. It is a Symbol of Enthusiasm and the Emblem of Victory. The Chalcedony brings good Luck, protects against Evil Eye, lessens Fever, eases the Passage of Gallstones and gives a Man a peaceful and pleasant Disposition. It protects the Voyager on the Ocean from Tem- pests and Terrors. It drives away Evil Spirits, banishes Sadness and Melancholy, secures Public Favour and protects from political Revolu- tions. The Chalcedony obtains Divine Protection.

Chalcedonyx. A Chalcedonyx is a Chalcedony adorned with Lines of white and grey. It is associated with Cancer.

Charging Crystals. Crystals need to be "Charged" in Order to give them the proper Magickal Effect. Here is one, Christian, Formula for performing the Process.

1. Take one medium sized Crystal and write the Name of St. Helen on the Side with Olive Oil, beneath the Cross, whilst facing East.

2. A Virgin Child born in Wedlock must then take the Crystal in his or her Hands and, with the Mistress of the Rite, both are to kneel and to pray to St. Helen that Whatever they wish will become evi- dent in the Crystal.

3. St. Helen herself will appear in the Crystal, in Angelic Form, and answer Questions put to her.

Chiastolite. The Colour of Chiastolite varies from grey to yellow, pink, red, white to deep brown. It has Cross-like Markings. It is a Symbol of Prudence, Faith, Caution and Sincerity. To dream of Chi- astolites is a Sign of Struggle, Delay or Limitation.

Chrysoberyl. The Chrysoberyl derives its Name from the Greek Chrysos, Golden, plus Beryllos, Beryl. Its Colours range from Asparagus green to Grass green and greenish white. It is associated with Pisces. The Chrysoberyl is a Charm against Evil Spirits and a disordered Imagination, against Deceit, Craft and Conspiracy. To dream of Chrys- oberyls is a Warning against Waste.

Chrysocolla. The Chrysocolla is a very soft, light Substance, vary- ing in Colour from blue-green to Sky or Turquoise blue. Its Texture is Enamel-like. It is associated with Taurus. The Chrysocolla drives away Fears and Fantasies, and gives Wisdom and Discretion. It is a Musical Charm, to dream of which is favourable for Musicians, Florists and Singers.

Chrysolite/Peridot/True Olivine. The Chrysolite derives its Name from the Greek Chrysos, Golden, + Lithos, Stone. It is a Gem of light greenish-yellow. When deep Olive green it is called Peridot, when yellowish-green it is called True Olivine. It is associated with Pisces. When held under the Tongue it cures Fevers, aids Prophecy, and bestows Eloquence and Inspiration. The Chrysolite drives away Spirits and Influences of Evil, protects against Obsession, dissolves Enchantments and the Phantoms of the Night, gladdens the Heart with Hope, strengthens the Soul, inspires Thought, and banishes Illusion, Despair and Madness. It aids the Faculties of Inspiration and Proph- ecy. It is good for the Lungs, and cures Asthmatic Complaints.

Chrysoprase. The Chrysoprase is an Apple green Chalcedony. Strong Light robs the Stone of its Colour. It is associated with Cancer. The Chrysoprase assures a good Water Supply. A condemned Man will escape Punishment if he holds a Chrysoprase in his Mouth. A Stone for the Voyager on deep Seas, it is a Kindler of the imaginative Fac- ulties, and a Banisher of Greed, Selfishness and Carelessness. It is a Stone of Happiness and Enterprise, awakening slumbering Faculties. The Chrysoprase calms Irritability, the Pains of Gout, and, bound to the left Arm, prevents or cures Gallstones. It is a Stone of Pru- dence, Adaptability and Versatility, rousing to Action, Progress and Adventures. To gaze into the Chrysoprase is to strengthen the Eyes, especially when the Moon is passing through Taurus and Cancer.

Citrine/False Topaz. The Citrine derives its Name from the French Citron, Lemon-coloured. It is a clear light-yellow Quartz Crystal. It is associated with Scorpio. The Citrine is a protective Talisman against miasmic Exhalations, Plague, eruptive Diseases, Evil Thoughts, and Alcoholic and other Forms of Indulgence. It is a Charm against Snakebite, Venomous Reptiles and Insects, and against Scandal, Libel and Treachery.

Coal. Coal derives its Name from the Old English Col. It is a black, combustible Mineral solid, associated with Capricorn. It is carried by Thieves to protect them from Detection and to help them to escape when pursued. To dream of Coals is a Symbol of Disappointment, Trouble, Affliction and Loss, unless they are burning brightly, when the Symbol gives Promise of Uplifting and Advancement.

Coral. The Coral derives its Name from the Greek Korallion. It is the hard Skeleton secreted by certain marine Polyps, and is assoc- iated with Venus, Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra and Pisces. It is unlucky for Cancer and Capricorn. The Coral is one of the strongest protective Stones. Although this is not a precious Stone in the strict Meaning of the Word, it promises a long happy married Life and, through more particularly applicable to Women, it is also help- ful for Men. It protects against the Evil Eye, Bewitchment, all Spells of Harm, natural Disasters and unfortunate Occurrences. It protects Children from Evil Influences and safeguards the Teenager during highly emotional Periods. The Coral changes Colours when the Wearer is with a Friend who is about to die. If worn on the Neck, it becomes pale if the Wearer becomes sick. It is hung on Babies’ Cradles and around their Necks as an Aid in Teething and an Influence against Falling Sickness and Infantile Diseases. Little Bells are attached to Children’s Coral Charms to ward off Evil Spirits, Storms and Pestilence, and to scare away Furies. It is a potent Charm for Women against Wizards, and for Men against Witches. It treats Melan- choly, Depression of the Mind, Hypochondria, etc. The Coral is tied to Trees to ensure their Fertility. It is worn by Women to Charm against Sterility. It is a Luck Charm for Dancers. It Charms away Disharmony, Envy and Evil Influences; it also banishes Evil Dreams and Night Terrors, wild Animals, Lightning Stroke, Witchcraft, Epilep- sy, Stomach Complaints, Night Sweats, Plague, Poison, Storm, and Tem- pest. It is a Cure for Sores, diseased Gums, Whooping Cough, Disor- ders of the Spleen, Teething Troubles, Troubles of the Feet and Toes, and Madness. Half a Dram of powdered Coral is a Cardiac Stimulant, stops Haemorrhages, and wards off Contagion. Black Coral prevents Suffering. To dream of red, pink and Coral of beautiful Lustre is to denote Recovery to the Sick and good Health to Anyone, but ill-condi- tioned Specimens symbolise the Opposite.


Afghanistan Catseye

Albania Dark Onyx

Algeria Banded Agate

Arabia Flint

Argentina Spodumene

Australia Opal

Austria Opal

Bavaria Topaz

Belgium Marble

Brazil Jasper/Bloodstone

Bulgaria Striped Onyx

Burma Malachite

China Pearl

Denmark Hematite

Egypt Jasper/Opal

England Diamond

Ethiopia Lapis Lazuli

France Ruby

Germany Hematite

Greece Dark Onyx

Holland Pearl

Hungary Carbuncle

India Catseye

Iran Mocha Stone

Ireland Emerald

Israel Topaz

Italy Sardonyx

Japan Jade

Mexico Onyx

Morocco Banded Agate

New Zealand Nacre

Norway Topaz

Palestine Limonite

Poland Emerald

Portugal Chrysolite

Romania Lapis Lazuli

Russia Chrysoberyl/Alexandrite

Scotland Chalcedony

Sicily Carnelian

South Africa Pearl

Spain Turquoise

Sudan Crystal

Sweden Sapphire

Syria Limonite

Turkey Jacinth

USA Tourmaline

Wales Marble

Crocidolite/Tiger’s Eye. The Crocidolite is a Variety of Hornblende of Indigo blue, Leek green, or Golden brown. The Latter is known as Tiger’s Eye. It is associated with Gemini. It is a fortunate Stone for People of literary or mercurial Tendencies, and as a Nerve and Lung Soother. Held against the Temple when the Moon is passing through Gemini, the Crocidolite assists Thought and Mental Specula- tion.

Crystal. The Crystal derives its Name from the Greek Kryos, Frost. It is a pure and transparent Quartz, associated with Pisces. The Crystal brings Rain, indicates Poison by clouding or by breaking, and allows a Person to bend others to his/her Will. It protects against Evil Eye; it stops bad Dreams; and it brings Success in secret Negoti- ations. The Crystal is used as a Lens to cauterise. It is a prevent- ive of watery, wasting and infectious Diseases, Tumours, Blood Impur- ities, Heart, Bowel, and Feet Troubles, and Kidney Afflictions. The Powder, mixed with Honey, can be used for Women’s Skin. It is used to cure Tumours by concentrating Sunlight. Water poured over Crys- tals is served to Cattle. Ground to Powder, it is used to relieve or cure Heart Disease, Intestinal Pains, Eye Diseases, and Scrofula.

Crystallomancy. Crystallomancy is the Practice of divining the Future in Crystals. Here is one Technique for performing this Rite.

1. Find a Beryl Quartz Crystal (pale blue if possible, as this is the best Moon-attuning Crystal.)

2. During the Waxing of the Moon, place the Crystal within a Frame of Ebony or Ivory.

3. A black Silk Cloth should be beneath the Crystal, but any clean Cloth of dark Hair, Hue and Colouring will also be effective.

4. Hold the Crystal in clean Hands. It is recommended that a pure Youth or Maiden serve as an Attendant, and that only those with pure Thoughts and Bodies be employed to hold the Crystal.

5. Fixate the Attention without Distraction or Hesitation on the Crys- tal.

6. There will stream from the Eyes of the Seer an Efflux of Magnetism as projected from its Reservoir in the lesser Brain, allowing the Seer to intuit the Streams of Magnetism circulating through the Crystal, either Solar or Lunar, depending on the Time of the Read- ing.

Diamond/Adamant. The Diamond derives its Name from the Greek Adamas. It is pure crystallised Carbon. There is a Variety of Colours – Steel, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink and black. It is associated with Leo, but has Power in Aries and Libra. The Dia- mond is the most powerful of all Stones for Protection, Wealth and Well-Being. It symbolises Peace, Fidelity, Opulence, Bravery, Strength, Innocence and Purity. The Diamond should always be worn on the left, or Heart, Side of the Body. When worn on the left Arm, touching the Skin, the Diamond protects Warriors from their Enemies, and gives them Bravery and Daring. It can lose its Occult Virtue if handled by Evil People. A Woman about to give Birth should not wear Diamonds. It attracts Power, Riches and Friends, and it is excellent for reconciling Differences between those who have quarrelled. It drives away Nocturnal Spectres, attracts Planetary Powers and heals all Sicknesses. It is a Charm against all Evil. The Diamond is cap- able of producing Somnambulism and Spiritual Ecstasy, but it also protects Sleepers from Evil Dreams, and Children from Goblins. It brings Security from Witchcraft and other Evil Influences. It ren- ders all Poisons harmless and drives away Insanity. It protects the Wearer against Plague. Whoever drinks Water into which a Diamond has been dipped is protected from Gout, Jaundice, and crippling Strokes. It gives Physical and Mental Strength, and protects against Night- mares. It calms Anger and strengthens Friendship. The Diamond is worn to make Spouses live together in Harmony. To dream of Diamonds is symbolic of Success, Wealth, Happiness and Victory. Varieties of Diamond and their effects:

3-cornered Diamond carries Quarrels

4-cornered " Fear

5-cornered " Death

6-cornered " Fortune

Black " Trouble

Dirty " Grief

Ill-shaped " Danger

Rough " Unhappiness

Dioptase. The Dioptase is an Emerald-green Copper Silicate, associ- ated with Taurus. The Dioptase strengthens the Sight of those who gaze on it. If worn on the Neck, it eases Throat Troubles.

Draconite. The Draconite derives its Name from the Greek Drakon, Dragon. It is a brilliant white Gem cut from the Head of a living Dragon. The Seeker must weave certain Letters in Gold into a Robe of Scarlet, and infuse Opiates into the Letters. The Dragon is lured out of its Cave by Musical Charms, and succumbs to the Power of the soporific Robe. The Draconite is associated with Scorpio.